Dark Souls Items Guide

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SITH2475d ago

For 2+ weeks all I saw was dark souls vs skyrim this and that. Now I get a glimpse at the item list, and I am not impressed. Skyrim (and I know this because of morrowind, oblivion, and fallout) will have significantly more items than what is represented in this list.

n4gisatroll2475d ago

Those comparisons were so dumb. 2 different types of games. One is rpg, and the other is action rpg. Sure they are both similar, like rpg elements, and a mid-evil settings. But they are wayyy different styles. Both worth getting imo.

SITH2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Those articles and fans sure tried to pass dark souls off as a skyrim competitor. I suspected without knowing all too much about souls that is was not in the same category as skyrim.