CNN says it's time for men to 'man up', blames video games for lack of ambition

CNN today posted an article entitled "Why men are in trouble". In typical mainstream media fashion, videogames are the source of all our problems. Click past the jump for some quotes I would like to share with you.

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Hellsvacancy2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Lol, coming from CNN, one of the most corrupt news channels in the WORLD

The day i pay any attention to those mofos will be the day i turn gay, i hav LOADS of "ambition" theres no way im wastin it on this world, ill wait for the next, see what i do then

Pikajew2146d ago

Isn't Fox the most corrupt news channel?

Rod2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Let's agree that they are both complete crap.

deadpoole2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Nahhh ... Im pretty sure, FOX takes the award in that category or sweeps in all related catagories.

ikkokucrisis2146d ago

More like give us guys a reason to get married. Seems like everything benefits the other half, and it's so easy to get a divorce. You want us to do stuff? Change the damn laws!

TopDudeMan2146d ago

CNN = Crappy News Network.

Seriously, in my college most of the girls are drama students, hairdressers/beauty therapists or some social science. Sure, they all leave with college degrees, but they're thick as shit. I'm sitting in my class plugging numbers into my calculator, working towards something useful, while they're all out getting degrees for jobs that don't even exist.

I don't know about the US, but in the UK things are very different from what they're describing. The college course I'm in is statistically the hardest course to pass out of all the college courses offered in the UK. There are 17 men in it. Guess how many females? 1. Just 1.

Now, lets move on to "industriousness, marriage and religion" this quote is interesting. The first one is the only relevant one. You need to be clever, you need to be determined to succeed. You don't need to be married. Relationships drag you down. It no longer becomes just about what you want and all your decisions go through someone else. And religion? Seriously? I'm not even gonna bother explaining why that's stupid.

Sorry about the rant.

cpayne932146d ago

Nah, msnbc is the most corrupt by far. All they do is hate. Where Fox is mostly conservative, msnbc is extremely liberal and biased. While Fox usually doesn't let liberals talk, msnbc pretty much never lets conservatives talk. From what I've seen anyway.

REDHULKSMASH2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

No fox news tells it like it is. They tell any and all news. Pictures of obama with the head of the black panther party are just now started popping up. Did cnn, cspan, msnbc point that out? Now if it was a white candidate, president, politician, etc with the head of the kkk, the liberal stations wouldn't shut up about it yet they hid the president with the black supremist. No politician should associate with any radical hate group and no "news station" should hide or condone hate.

Do what you are supposed to do report all news with an UNBIASED opinion.

Fox news has supporters of both sides like hannity and colmes. juan williams

defended and supported obama, watch the oreilly factor.

As far as my video games go, i support my wife and my 4 kids, paid off my house at 28 years old, taught my self spanish, and can curl 265 lbs 8 times, so i'm gonna play my video games....Get your facts straight.

modesign2146d ago

redhulk must of forget when fox news pulled some hack "psychologists" that trashed Mass effect, because she was a "expert" on the game. fox news is full of shit and unbalanced.

msnbc,cnn, and fox will say "videogames are a waste of time" "go blow your money on the Stock market instead"

BattleAxe2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

The corporate new networks are corrupt in general. However, I do like Freedom Watch and Lou Dobbs on FOX Business, Dylan Ratigan and Lawrence O'donnell on MSNBC, Cenk Uygur and Keith Olbermann on CURRENT. These guys speak truth to power which I love, but the only problem is they all still get stuck in the "Left/ Right Paradigm".

DaTruth2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

That's just like America, they call it free, but the second you do anything besides slave away for their tax revenue, there's something wrong with you! You pay out your a$$ for school, to get a job that's so demanding you never see your home and die from stress related disease!!

Some of us don't want to work our lives away!

@Redhulk: Black Supremists? It was an equality movement!

NukaCola2146d ago

CNN is way more screwed up thatn Fox, but Fox takes more heat cause they produce the dumb articles more often. Either which way, the media is so out there left or right, on their gameing opinions it's almost laughable if not nauseuatying to see and read. They can blam games for the actions of the children, but who will they blame for their own poor choices? Ham Radio?

darksied2146d ago

No real gamer would ever question that, yes, FOX is the worst news outlet.

Krimmson2146d ago

That's not how you spell NBC news.

Anarki2146d ago


Army_of_Darkness2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

yo! I'ma bust a cap in these cnn bitches when I see them online in COD! :P

AEtherbane2146d ago

C-SPAN. Get. On. My. Level.

Boody-Bandit2146d ago

This is a load of crap. When is all of these media outlets, politicians, misguided finger pointing parents and non gaming zealots going to stop passing blame on others poor choices in life?

Why not blame our education system, lack of scholarships, music education, and most of all lack of funding for physical education and sports in most schools as the blame.

I don't know about other states, counties, cites and townships, but in my state there is next to no funding for anything that has to do with what is listed above. Not only did I have to pay out of pocket for my son to play sports but my wife and I had to provide transportation for him to get home from all after school activities.

When he was having trouble in trig the teacher would not even allow him to stay after school to get some help. We had to hire a tutor on our own and have her meet him at my house on the weekends.

Back when I went to school they provided for all things listed above. Oh and BTW my son grew up with a gaming controller as a teething ring. He is now 18, going to college, still plays sport, takes jiujitsu and plays video games when his schedule allows.

These idiots need to stop pointing the finger at one entity and put it where it belongs, them.

SaiyanFury2146d ago

Interesting assessment. Oh wait, I'm 32, married and my wife and I just had our first daughter. Oh yeah, I play games 4 hours a day. I guess I'm contrary to CNN's analysis.

gamingdroid2146d ago

So what time do you have for your family?

An 8-hour job + 4-hour gaming + hours for other duties/meals/commuting....

Most people only have 16-hours out of the day for everything (except weekends). I'm not saying you are lying, but would like to know how you manage that.

I can't do that, and I don't even have a kid yet.

Anon19742145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Yeah, I also wonder how that works. I'm 37, I have 8 hours a day working and then the rest of my time is spent on household chores, errands and spending time with my wife and son.

Gaming, tv, movies. These are are luxuries. When my 1 1/2 year old son finally goes to sleep, I have only a couple of hours to unwind from the day and spend with my wife before I do it all over again. If I'm lucky and not too exhausted, I might find an hour or so in the evening to read a good book or fire up a game. On the weekends, it's all about family and friends with, again, maybe an hour or too at night - if I'm lucky.

I used to spend 4 hours a day gaming, back in my 20's when I wasn't working full time and didn't have any responsibilities other than paying my own bills. Then I got a real job.

If you're working and spending 4 hours a day, everyday gaming, you're either not working a full time job, you don't sleep or you're neglecting your family. If you're single, I can see 4 hours a day, but even then you should probably get out and socialize a bit more unless you want to run the risk of become a friendless hermit (and people you never met on your friend's list don't count).

CNN has a point.
Enough with the knee jerk reactions. Cnn might as well said TV or Movies instead of videogames. The point was at some point we need to take responsibility for our lives and not be slackers. That doesn't mean you can't game anymore.

EminemAt3AM2145d ago

FOX news and CNN are both total shit, but, a poll was done about what is the most bias news station in America, and CBS ranked #1, FOX and CNN followed. So why are we hating on FOX if there is an even MORE bias news station on TV? It's because of our political bias.

kaveti66162145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )


What's you major? Some kind of engineering?

If so, you're gonna feel really crappy when you start looking for a job.

I was making fun of my sister for 4 years non-stop because she was an art history major at UCLA. Art history has always been considered by many as a very useless point of study, but it's also a lot harder than people realize. My sister was writing 60 page research papers every month. She was creating 30 minute long presentations on slabs of ancient stone that depicted crude artwork. And yes, that all seems very pointless, but guess what? In the real world, employers know that regardless of what major you take, you're going to be pushed to your limits. In college, you're going to have to do work and you're going to have to learn how to do tons of work in a short space of time.

And so, after my sister got her degree, it took her less than one month to find an excellent job at a law firm.

Here's a statistic that I'm not making up. 70 percent of college graduates will end up getting a job in a field that isn't related to their major.

Therefore, those girls that you're taking jabs at aren't working hard to get a job that doesn't exist. They're working hard to prove to the world that they can work hard. That's all a college degree really is: a certificate that says, "Yeah, this person worked really hard for no money and will now work harder for you for money."

Now, if you really want to show a specific employer that you deserve a job in your field, you have to get a master's degree.

Unfortunately, you'll find that when you graduate from college with a degree in computer science or computer engineering or even electrical engineering, you're going to be competing against a bunch of people with higher degrees.

And that's pretty much why, if you're still an undergraduate, don't ever brag about what major you're taking because a bachelor's degree only says that you're a hard worker.

finbars752145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Fox is corrupt but hey we get to watch the UFC payperview with junior do sontos and Cain valesquez for free other then that blahhhh on both of them.I'm married have a career job with two awesome kids a house a car ect but I have no ambition in life since I play video games good luck on trying to play that crap off of other gamers just sad and ridiculous cnn.

clearelite2145d ago

Perhaps, but CNN might be worse because their deception is less obvious. Nice thread by the way. It's nice to see people are beginning to use their noggins.

Lich1202145d ago

Why do I have to get married? That has nothing to do with success and contributing to society. What, are we running out of kids?

Ser2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

People only view Fox as corrupt because it's pro-republican most of the time, while CNN on the other hand is pro-democrat most of the time. Most of the people that hate on Fox are democrats. Fact.

da_2pacalypse2145d ago

What a bunch of garbage. This is the state of mind of news channels: blame terrorists, video games, and nuclear power FOR EVERYTHING! Oh, and overexpose celebrities which are a bad influence to our youth.... Suck it CNN, you have no idea what you're talking about

Eric Barrier2145d ago

It is time for men to man up, including those over at CNN. Take the blame for your own lack of ambition don't point your finger at anyone or anything else. Especially not video games.

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egidem2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Must I say this again? CNN, please stop saying crap and keep taking your medz!

PCRockStar2146d ago

When has CNN ever been taken seriously? They skew the news and don't know sheet about technology/games/gamers!

Flavor2146d ago

My cousin in the states was the only girl in most of her engineering classes, classes dominated by foreign men. Her brother got a Phd in infectious diseases in labs dominated by foreign men.

Blame this stupid pampered country for raising a generation of useless tw9ts whose only goal in life is to be on American idol or get rich doing nothing in the stock market, while the rest of the world commits their best and brightest to the hard sciences.

JBaby3432145d ago

Well said. Very well said. I read a study in the spring where they polled high school students and the most common answer for a career was "celebrity". That's just wrong on multiple levels but that's what this country is producing sadly enough. I don't blame video games for all the declines we are seeing because video games and people's time spent on them reflects this rather than causes it. It doesn't take much looking around to see how lost the young people are now. Even colleges now are becoming the new high schools with watered down classes and majors as long as you have the money.

I'm not against games at all because I play them myself but people's lives are just too devoted to things that don't matter than to what's really important. Entertainment has its place but we are too obsessed in this country.

egidem2146d ago

I wonder what CNN and the rest of the media would think about this: