Gears of War 3 Horde Command Pack maps will be available in Versus mode later

XMNR: Epic Games announced the first DLC pack for Gears of War 3 earlier today and it was for the Horde lovers of the Xbox 360 exclusive. However, Epic Director Rod Fergusson hints that the three Horde Command Pack maps will make their way to the public Versus playlist later and won't require purchase to play. He also gave some details for the second DLC pack that will include new campaign content.

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STICKzophrenic2548d ago

I haven't purchased the season pass yet because I'm waiting to see if the first pack is on the disc or not.

If it is, Epic can kiss my ass. The weapon skins DLC is one thing, because it doesn't add much to the overall game. It's on the disc, whatever, I had no intentions of buying them anyway. If maps are locked away on the disc, I'll just skip them until they release actual content that is downloadable.

m232548d ago

These maps are on the disc, he says so in the article. But he says that only the host needs the maps to play it, the other players don't. But those players just won't be able to use the new fortifications or get the new achievements. That is a bit of good news I guess, but I'm buying the season pass anyway since I love the game so much.

STICKzophrenic2548d ago

It isn't definitive if they're on the disc, just seems highly probable that they are.

I love the game too, I just feel kind of cheated with the game only shipping ten maps, four of which were in the beta and another is a remake from Gears and Gears 2.

It just feels like Epic/MS are nickel and diming the fans for everything.

bestofthebest2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

this is so stupid I want to play those maps in versus when they come out why make us wait for later.

Queasy2548d ago

Well, at least you can play the maps in Horde mode without purchasing them. That's a nice little bonus.

matt19912548d ago

you can play the maps on host based game modes. the maps are not on the dedicated servers

Queasy2548d ago

Yep, private matches only at release for versus.

Paradicia2548d ago

I believe there's going to be a play-list for them maps alone, just like in Gears 2.

ShinraE52548d ago

Considering my history with Epic (enjoyed their products, DLCs, etc) I plan to give them benefit of the doubt as to this DLC and why the maps will hit versus later.

This is going to be a Day 1 download. Map packs, characters, and weapon skins for 800 pts. Sweet !

m232548d ago

It is a pretty good price I guess, i actually expected them to raise the price. I'll get the season pass though.

MasterD9192548d ago

I'm dying to play the Blood Drive remake so this is a no brainer for me...

I may cough up the money for the season pass but only if all 4 DLC packs contain multiplayer/horde maps...I don't see the need for a DLC new campaign.

Queasy2548d ago

Epic has already said that the second map pack will be campaign. But, they also said that the new campaign maps will have multiplayer too.

MasterD9192547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

So I suppose its safe to assume that the multiplayer maps will probably be in all 4 of the DLC packs...

I'll probably just spring for the season pass down the road.