When War Was Fun: A Battlefield 1942 Retrospective

A feature that examines what it was like to play Battlefield 1942 upon its release in 2002: the wonder at the massive maps and player-counts, the vehicles, the sheer variety of things to do. It's also a rumination on the sort of creative, sandbox play that Battlefield 1942 facilitated, and how this aspect of online shooters has been lots in today's sea of competitive, pseudo-realistic shooters (Call of Duty and friends).

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ATi_Elite2546d ago

I expect to be able to drive an aircraft carrier in BF3 like we did in BF 1942!!

floetry1012546d ago

Nice article. I agree with it to a big extent. The Battlefield games have become a far more serious item in recent years. It's still fun, but it's a different kind of fun. The shenanigans and creativity of the first few games were lost in favour of a more tactical and dangerous Battlefield.

It really reflects the state of the gaming community. Shooters are now treated competitively, to the point where players are constantly protecting kill/death ratio's and big numbers instead of working for the team and coming up with wacky plans of assault.

I played 1942 and Counter Strike LAN's back in the day because it was fun to get together and play, regardless of score or result. Now I'm sub-consciously protecting my score card out of fear of going negative for a single game. I can't help it, and I'm sure many feel the same way.

How I pine for the good ol' days of 1942.

fr00ty-wizenhymer2546d ago

Ah, I miss Battlefield moments.