FIFA 12 Sells 3 Million Copies in First Week

EA has announced that FIFA Soccer 12 sold over three million copies in its first week.

According to a statement, the game sold 3.2 million units across all consoles worldwide, making it both the biggest launch in the history of sports games and the biggest game launch of 2011 to date.

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fluffydelusions2542d ago

Awesome. I have it for PS3 and it's a great football game

dangert122542d ago

Awesome I have It for xbox and Its a great game

Noticeably_FAT2542d ago

Why do you have disagrees for having it and liking it on Xbox 360? Where as the fella above you said he had it on PS3 and he gets agrees? Is this site biased in some way? /s

lorianguy2542d ago

@Noticeably Fat

It's N4G, you can get disagrees for the silliest little things. There be trolls on these here servers ;)

solidjun52542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

who cares what system you guys have it for. Just be happy you're enjoying it.

I haven't bought a FIFA game in years. I might go ahead and try this. Last time was FIFA on the Ps2.

I was watching this guy play at my local Best Buy. Looked great.

Anon19742542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Meh, it works both ways. Sometimes you'll get more agrees from the PS3 crowd, sometimes 360 fans. It depends on the article. As Fifa is a huge European thing, and given that most PS3's are owned outside of the US - of course there's going to be a higher PS3 fan contingent in this article.

Fifa usually sells millions in Europe by the time it hits 100k in the US on the PS3, and it's always sold more on the PS3 in general. Of course there's going to be more PS3 fans about in a related article. It's just demographics.

Go into an article about Madden and say "I bought this on my PS3" and you'll witness the exact opposite as what we see here.

2542d ago
Omar912542d ago

Wow that's crazy..... fanboys ruin this site.

pctrollv42542d ago

awesome I have it for PC and its a greater game

_Aarix_2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Awesome I have It for the wii and Its a great game

dangert122542d ago

@Noticeably_FAT I don't know I don't actually have an xbox. Ive said it before that could be the reason.I just wrote that cos I though I'd show him how irrelevant him bringing up his ps3 is

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Pacman3212542d ago

I think the game is great but the new tackling system is hard to get used to!

TruthBTold2542d ago

I play with Legendary (I think it's called legendary) defense settings as I did not like the new defesense system. I also added speed as it was too slow and now I am hooked. Best FIFA ever. Really worth it if you love football.

CynicalVision2542d ago


You know, fluffy has disagrees as well so it's obviously not biased.

BlmThug2542d ago

Fluffy (Bought on ps3) = 10 Agrees and 3 disagrees while dangert (bought on Xbox) has 6 agrees and 7 disagrees so Dangert is currently in the minus now

NBT912542d ago

It doesnt even matter anyway, as far as I know disagrees do not actually mean or even do anything. Bubble votes change the amount of comments you can make per article, I think... But agree / disagree numbers are pointless to me, I dont see why so many people on here always talk about them =/

Prophet-Gamer2542d ago

Well, unlike NFL, real football is widely popular across the world, the most played sport of all time iirc.

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towelie12882542d ago

yea got it for xbox360 great graphics and controls love it

user8586212542d ago

wow not sure y the disagrees, guess some people are just very insecure

NBT912542d ago

He said it has great graphics, and I disagreed with that. I think it looks okay but it does not look much different to 11, or 10 for the matter.

And again, disagrees mean nothing, the fact that someone clicked disagree for no reason does not make them insecure.

Rage_S902541d ago

I don't normaly click agree/disagree. But right i now I'm doing it because it's funny to see how uptight people seem to be over it.

towelie12882540d ago

just a bunch of haters here
if i said PS3 everyone would be all over my D!$K

pretty sad
fifa is great

labaronx2542d ago

was there a demo on psn or xbox live

OcularVision2542d ago

On Xbox Live for sure. I almost never checked the PSN Store though.

labaronx2542d ago

when i download crysis and maximo tonight, and i'll download it from live to see if it feels different based on the controller

OcularVision2541d ago

I don't understand why I get so many disagrees for helping someone?? o.o

Sizzon2542d ago

Nice, FIFA is huge, although I'm not into most sports games, congrats to EA Sports.

Jonah_Reese2542d ago

Soccer fans go HAM I FIFA seems to have blown up, even more now. Or maybe I just wasn't paying attention to it before.

iceman062542d ago

FIFA is the best selling sports title out there...most would assume that it is Madden because it get more publicity, but it is FIFA.

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