Skyward Sword trailers show newly right-handed Link

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is coming on November 20th and features a new right-handed Link for some reason.

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PCRockStar2508d ago

About time he became normal! Hehe
Hey, I'm left handed!

Eamon2508d ago

For some reason your comment about "normal" made me laugh when I saw your display pic

LightofDarkness2508d ago

Link should have 10 hands, all of them left. Yeah.

Kennytaur2508d ago

Hopefully he'll be left handed for left handed players as anything else would be weird. And they should have him be left handed in the trailers, but it's no biggie.

mike1up2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Nintendo addressed this a long time ago when Twiight Princess was released on the Nintendo Wii. On the Gamecube version of Twilight Princess, Link was left-handed. However, on the Wii version Link was made right-handed.

Nintendo said that the change was merely due to the fact most people are right-handed. With newly implemented motion controls, this change was thought to be "more comfortable" for players.

Good eye though.

ignorantsonsof_2508d ago

Has this guy been living under a rock? Twilight Princess on Wii had a right handed Link, and like the comment above says Nintendo already addressed the reasoning for it a long time ago.

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