WTF Is A True Gamer Anyway?

Joel Taveras from DualShockers Writes: "The internet is one hell of an interesting place, if I do say so myself. If there’s anything you want to read, listen to, watch, or talk about, it’s available within moments. This freedom is really what makes it great. A never-ending supply of information and conversation. With the good comes the bad, and with the bad — well then you get these 'true gamers'."

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zeal0us2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Someone who doesn't stick to one game or genre/type of game and expands out and try/play all types of games(japanese hentai games don't count). Someone who isn't a fanboy. Someone who know that at least one or more gaming conventions exist.

That same scenario happen to me when I was talking with one of my cousin.

Abriael2547d ago

This is pretty much my definition. I would add "Someone that considers gaming an hobby and not a simple way to waste time"

deadpoole2547d ago

A gamer is the one who lives in dungeon and squeals every now and then for being slayed by his opponent gamer.

Just kidding ^^^ but Abriael summed it up spot on.

PCRockStar2547d ago

Anyone that enjoys playing a game is a gamer. If you play at least once a week.

iamgoatman2547d ago

Apart from playing at least once a week I'm with you. Anyone who enjoys playing games is a gamer, doesn't matter if they only like one particular genre or game, as long as you're playing and having fun then you're a gamer. However, anyone who uses gaming as a means of spouting their own misplaced hatred isn't.

Tanir2547d ago


i dunno bout that man. again, why would you consider a person who plays only one game a gamer? movie lovers, food lovers, music lovers, tech lovers etc are called so because of how immersed they are in that category of entertainment. Gamer is another word for game lover, they have played a pleathora of games, and when you walk up to them and ask them something they can answer you, or tell you something you dont know.

if a person doesn't know wtf new games are coming out and just know the release date of the next COD and never heard of any other game they are NOT gamers, they just love playing COD.

in order to be a gamer u must be immersed in gaming and maybe even the industry itself.

only playing madden makes u a maddener

Pikajew2547d ago

They also dont care about the resolution of a game, system it is on and how many disks the game takes.

Tanir2547d ago

yeah, like the guys who think they are gamers and all they play is madden till the next madden comes out, or they only play cod till the next cod comes out.

a real gamer plays multiple games, they are considered a gamer because they have knowledge of multiple games, genres etc.

calling a COD only gamer is like calling a dude who only watches jumangi for the rest of his life a movie lover.

Corax2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Gamer [gey-mer]
1. A person who plays games for amusement. Likes to play games regardless of graphics or system required to play.

Fun Fact - Likes cheesy snacks and pizza.

2. A person who will spend countless amounts of quarters at the arcade sometimes forgetting they have a limit of cash and will often sometime ask for a raise in an allowance.

_Aarix_2547d ago

How can you not like pizza?


They is no such thing as a true gamer,Just enjoy the games u love playing the most.

theonlylolking2547d ago

No, it is someone who does not like angry birds or minecraft.

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Ninferno2547d ago

Very good read. love the featured image too haha

itz_zombies2547d ago

someone who doesnt say witch game/gaming platform is better

Gamer30002547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

lol... are you asking on N4G
"who is a true gamer ??"
every one will say something
when "clearly" they are doing something else

there is no such thing as "true gamer"

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