Valve's Steam voted easiest platform for indies

Valve's Steam service has been voted as the easiest platform to develop on. Beating XBLA, PSN, and WiiWare by quite a large margin. Re-enforces past stories of many indie devs leaving/having troubles with XBLA and Microsoft.

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zeal0us2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

I think it's the guidelines that each network(PSN,WiiWare,XBLA) haves that make difficult to develop games on.

darthv722543d ago

i have not used steam since half life 2 was released. I am way behind the curve. I should get back on steam if for anything but to redeem my gift of torchlight that a buddy got me as a bday gift last year.

Yeah, I know, i'm so bad.

caboose322543d ago

To the gallows with you!

darthv722543d ago

i just installed the client on my laptop and it still remembered all the half life 2 stuff in my library. half life 2: lost coast...ah the days of HDR lighting on my ATI 9800pro.

psb2543d ago

agreed, and that's why Valve is so much ahead of the competition.

rfowler302543d ago

yeah!!! congrats to steam.

Megaton2543d ago

I've got a ton of indie games in my Steam library.

solar2543d ago

me too. i have just as much fun playing indie titles as i o AAA games. which have over inflatwd hype and praise to begin with

Farsendor12543d ago

i'm planning on buying a lot of games this year and a lot of them are indie titles i may not play a lot of games this year besides bf3 but ill have em next year

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