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GT: Do these mutations satisfy? Find out in our X-Men: Destiny Review Pod.

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zeal0us2511d ago

Bring back Xmen: Legends.

Godmars2902511d ago

Or put better game maker on this concept. Make more/better defined branching paths.

maniacmayhem2511d ago

This game was horrible. Gamecube like graphics, no branching storyline like you would think and terrible game design (only 4 basic combos!!!) and game flaws. Repetitive enemies and linear gameplay makes this game pure sh*t.
Not to mention it's way too short.

thank god for gamefly!

kma2k2511d ago

I have this in my game q i will be removing it shortly. They sent me the new spider man game i hope its better than this.

MasterD9192511d ago

X-men needs a game like Batman's Arkham games. Break away from the Marvel Ultimate alliance feel....go into pure action and a direct storyline.