Gran Turismo/Forza Rivalry Discussed by Turn 10

Turn 10, the developer responsible for the Forza Motorsport series, has discussed the rivalry between their Xbox 360 exclusive racing franchise and Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo franchise.

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StillGray2511d ago

I'm kind of excited about this.

hellzsupernova2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

same! im considering buying a new xbox for it. but i cannot justify the cost for just one game!!! and gt5 was a massive disappointment for me personally.

edit: he didnt really mention much of the rivalry between GT and Forza.

PirateThom2511d ago

Wait for the Spec 2 update, if that still disappoints, you can get a 360 for cheap enough to warrant the purchase.

hellzsupernova2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

yeah might have to wait. how big is the update though?

and why is my comment getting sooo many disagrees lol

edit: i bought the signature edition of gt5 as well so thats how dedicated i was!!!

Autodidactdystopia2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

AWW DAMMIT I love them both.

6mos ago I bought a ps3 for Gran turismo.
then I sold it.Now ima have to buy a 360 for forza 4.

Forza 4 + GranT5="Opulence I has it."

john22511d ago

Gotta say that I was also disappointed with GT5

Grip2511d ago

sign me in. im very disappointed with GT5

Micro_Sony2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

I was hoping for so much more from Poly with GT5 : (

But it was ok and worth a play.

Bull5hifT2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Gran Turismo is in its own league, They Should try NFS Shift vs. Forza...... These people are Hella Funny.... Like HALO to Crysis cause theres aliens or Tomb Raider To Uncharted...... Cause they climb stuff or Gears of war to God of war cause there both OF WAR.... Call of juarez - Call of Battlefield ...... The guy from Fast and the Furious says you cant jump in the ring against ALI cause you think you can box

cryymoar2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I don't understand how anybody was disappointed with GT5. I mean, what the hell did you guys really expect?

Kushan2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

At the risk of getting "disagreed to hell", I think a lot of people looked at Forza 3 and naturally compared it to GT5. GT5 was, in my opinion, the better game, but Forza 3 was made in literally half the time and was still a pretty solid game.
Here's the thing - GT4 came out in 2005, the same year as FM1. FM2 came out 2 years later, no GT5. FM3 came out in 2009, still no GT5. A year later, GT5 eventually came out, in the time it took to make that one game, Forza made 3. Of course, people will argue that GT5 was the better game overall, but you still had to wait 5 years for it while Forza fans had been enjoying their racing game of choice the whole time.

It's a bit like going to a realllly nice restaurant. You order your food, you're hungry but you can wait 30mins, what's the rush. Across the street people are at another restaurant, their food isn't as nice but they get their starter in 20mins. You're still waiting for your dinner. An hour goes past, you're still munching on breadsticks while the other group has had their mains and are enjoying dessert. 90mins pass, you're finally getting your dinner, you're absolutely starving and you can't help but feel that even though the food is delicious, you'd rather have had it an hour ago.

RedDragan2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Sorry folks, but I found GT5 to be immensely superior to Forza 3 as a simulator. It was nice to finally have a racing game that didn't have the drawing the distance of about 200M.

The physics were very, very good and the sense of speed was nigh on perfect for what you get in reality.

When you worked your way up to the really fast races I admit that I struggled alot because I couldn't afford or couldn't find any of the Le Mans Prototypes in used car garage.

And as for the Red Bull challenge, fastest and hardest race I have ever, ever, ever attempted.

With Forza you had none of that, even the hardest races were easily winnable because of the poor physics which were between arcade/simulation.

GT5 is about to get alot better as well with Spec 2 on the way. That being said, Forza 4 is still a day one buy for me. Sometimes it is nice to have a blast on a game that is between arcade and simulation, it has it's own little niche market and fills it well.

From what I have seen on the Demo though I don't think it is trying to be a simulator like GT5 is. Hence the purchase of both is justified.

Forza 4 and GT5 Spec II in the same month! HELL YEAH! BRING IT ON!

ConstipatedGorilla2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

cryymoar - "I don't understand how anybody was disappointed with GT5. I mean, what the hell did you guys really expect?

Something at least as good as Forza 3 would have been nice...

And yes, I owned GT5... it was underwhelming to say the least.

darthv722510d ago

If anything the games feed off of each other more than they try to rival each other. Yes they are premier driving games on their respected platforms but if there is a "rivalry" then it has been fueled by the fanboys who cant see past the idea of both games being great.

I own and play both series and have to say that each has strengths and weaknesses. Neither is perfect but both are equally entertaining from a pure driving POV. Many consider the comment T10 made before as being some sort of dig at PD when they arent.

That is the beauty of selective reading/hearing. The ability of an individual to twist things around to suit their needs. Yet they dont even believe the words coming from the horses mouth (figure of speech). This fanboy rivalry between both games is exactly that.

Both companies have very high respect for each other even if the gamers do not.

Morpheuzpr2510d ago

@ Kushan

I desagree. After GT4 PD made Tourist Trophy, GTHD, GT5p GTPSP and finally GT5. Did i expected more? In all honesty, yes but only in terms of PDs quality standards. Now 800+ standard cars is impossible to make in such detail and craftsmanship degree as the rest of the premium cars in the game in the amount of time the studio had to work considering the above.

Not even iRacing or rFactor with a huge modding comunity has that amount of cars at that quality, and when i say quality i mean visually but more importantly physics which has to be tweaked and tested extensively.

Autodidactdystopia2510d ago

holy crap @disagrees

what are you disagreeing with?

was it that i like forza?

was it that I like GT5?

was it that I sold my ps3?

was it that how dare I like them both?

was it that how dare I use a opulence reference?

or was it that I used math?

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S_C2511d ago

Any one know of a good quality wheel to get for this game and for f1 2011, not expensive but with force feedback ?

StanLatMarveldotCom2511d ago

My biggest problem has been the lack of options in regards to a good wheel on the XBox 360. The Fanatec wheels are just too expensive. $250 for the wheel alone. The cheapest pedals are $50 and garbage making the $150 club sport pedals a must and the shifter set is another $50 plus shipping. That's $500 for a Fanatec setup. If the XBox 360 support Logictec's G27, you would get the same for $250. Fanatec is just way too expensive and there's nothing else.

JellyJelly2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

"Fanatec is just way too expensive and there's nothing else."

Lol, nice troll there.

Try this one, it's $89.99 and supposed to be awesome.

Think I'm gonna buy it myself.

jacksons982510d ago

I think for a lot of people it sucks because you even need to purchase another wheel for 360. With PS3 I could use the same wheel I use for my PC. A logitech g25.

Prophet-Gamer2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

There is no rivalry and I don't understand why Turn 10 is always talking about PD and GT5 yet not once have ever heard the other side even mention Turn 10.

Fact is, they're on different platforms, sure same genre, but they are not in direct competition. Both are great game though personally I do prefer Forza, but it's obvious that a lot more people prefer GT as GT sells millions more than Forza ever could. Hell, GT3 alone sold more than the entire Forza franchise iirc. But I digress.

Nonetheless, this Forza vs. GT thing is absurd to say the least.

damnyouretall2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

well, forza's car list is geared more toward americans. forza appeals to me just a lil more. nothin wrong with GT though, dont get me wrong. but you cant say forza doesnt kick ass as well :)

Prophet-Gamer2511d ago

Actually dude, in my comment I said I do prefer Forza, lol. So I kinda of agree with you. Point is, both games are great, picky whichever one you like. End of story.

Liquid_Ocelot2510d ago

Well said both of you. Let's enjoy the games and thank them for fulfilling our needs [for speed] x)

Thank you Polyphony, and thank you Turn 10

mugoldeneagle032510d ago

I've played both, like GT more just because I've been playing the series for a long time, but I can easily see why a lot of people didn't like GT5.

It becomes quite the grind, and lots of gamers these days can't handle the grind. Which is a shame because you see a lot of GT5's beauty the longer you play it

gcolley2510d ago

it is called journalism. journalists ask questions, they answer them and then the media blows it all out of proportion. if there was no rivalry they would only get a quarter the amount of clicks to their article.

of course there is rivalry between the best driving sims on both consoles.

DaTruth2510d ago

I was gonna say that same thing, but then you have to question why Forza never comes up with PD! Then you have to realize that PD is batting away that question, because I think we can say for certain somebody's asking it!

So we can conclude that Turn 10 can choose not to answer the question, or just say something nice about the competition!

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Kaneda2510d ago

I was very happy with GT5...

Maddens Raiders2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

From the article:

"It makes for great stories for people. It’s not what drives our team. Our team is driven towards that vision of car passion and car culture...... You can’t navigate without knowing the landscape"

that's right b/c GT has set the landscape for console racing the past 15 years running mate & if he thought about what PD was doing *all the time he'd be a madman! LOL

i'm only laughing out loud at those baboons in this thread that think T10 could turn out anything close to the near perfection of GT5 or any other GT for that matter! GT5 is a f'n BEAST!!!!!

HAHAAAHA what with *all of their plastic cars, beginner physics and pre-rendered repetitive & sophomoric looking damage models, what "serious" motorhead wouldn't want to play it F4?

That's why the pros know there's only one king of racers & that's...............
GRAN TURISMO 5®. Deal with it.

ASPEC-35 BSPEC-40 / 97% complete / 525 cars / ADD me

gcolley2510d ago

and the guys below get their response hidden from trolling?

Septic2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I actually believe Forza 3 surpassed GT5 and T10 didn't spend a decade working on a title that really left a lot to be desired.

Megaton2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Turn 10 has tried very hard to manufacture a rivalry with their less-than-classy PR, but there is no rivalry. Polyphony Digital is fairly apathetic about Forza and Turn 10. It's only Turn 10 that acts aggressive and competitive towards PD and GT. A rivalry has to go both ways.

Like when Kaz checked out their booth for Forza 3, asked some questions about various game mechanics, and left. Turn 10 took that innocuous exchange and went all "OMG PD WAS SPYING ON US TODAY CLEARLY WE'RE THE DEFINITIVE RACING KINGS". It's all very one-sided and immature.

Gray-Fox-Type02510d ago

Everyone knows Forza is the king of simulators for a long time now. Since Forza 1 came around.

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spektical2511d ago

what rivalry? its only a rivalry if both companies do things to signal a rivalry. PD has kept it classy, and brought the best racing sim ever. Cant wait for the Spec 2.0.

Crystallis2511d ago

Spec 2.0 will be madness..cant wait for that. And on topic, there is no rivalry. GT is in a league of its own.

TheShow172511d ago

What is Spec 2.0? Is that a major update, DLC or an separate GT?

SoapShoes2511d ago

Spec II is a big update with DLC to follow. Spec II in GT5 Prologue gave us over 30 new cars and a track so when they update Specs, it usually is something significant.

2pacalypsenow2511d ago

when does Spec II come out?

Boody-Bandit2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

The only rivalry that exist is in these sites and some misguided fans, imagination. How can you have a rivalry when they are on two different consoles and target a different audience? You can't.

Both games are great at what they do. I don't get why everyone can't just leave it at that and let it be. Although, as big a Forza (and GT) fan that I am, Turn 10 were pretty arrogant with their whole definitive shtick before Forza 3 hit retail.

This time around they have been pretty quiet and focused mainly on their own product. I have GT5 and Forza 3 and I am looking forward to Forza 4. The demo is pretty sweet but I am also looking forward to spec 2.0 (GT5A) as well. <- Again, best of both worlds.

SoapShoes2511d ago

A sensible post?! FINALLY!!!

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