Why is ‘throwing’ so hated in gaming?

SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced control-us writes:
So a little while ago I wrote the article “Why is 'camping' so hated in gaming"? So now I figured let me do a follow up to discuss another realization, which is, “Why is ‘throwing’ so hated in gaming”? I know a bunch of you want to address the “throwing situation”, most prevalent in the Streetfighter series. So gamers once again, LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD!!!

In that article I likened gamers that play shooters “hating camping” as a parallel to gamers in the fighting genre –specifically Streetfighter hating ‘throwing’. So now I said to myself you know what, let’s address the “throwing situation” head on. Hating ‘camping’ I couldn’t absolutely relate to but ‘throwing’ now that’s a different story, I’ll explain.

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nolifeking2506d ago

I think it all boils down to the fact that it does so much damage and at times can be heavily abused. I, personally, only "hate" throws that can't be countered, i.e. Zangief, T.hawk, Hugo and Alex. But i counter my own hate with adapt or die.

KwietStorm2506d ago

I don't think throws are nearly as hated as camping, not by me anyway. Throws are only annoying when that's all your opponent does over and over, because then it becomes a cheap tactic just to get damage without really trying.

nolifeking2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I always preferred how Virtual fighter handles the throws. Regardless of the type of throw, you had a viable option of escape. Yes, it was a bit complicated, but you always had an option of evasion, even if the character you were fighting was a grappling expert. I'm still waiting(not a bad movie)for Capcom to implement something similar to SF for their grapple heavy characters.

FlashXIII2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Comparing throws to camping is very apples and oranges. Throwing is an integral part of fighting game mechanics and helps to keep players on their toes. Every time you get caught in a throw you only have yourself to blame. Besides, anyone who constantly spams throws is usually fairly easy to deal with.

Camping on the other hand is only really acceptable in my eyes when it serves a purpose in a match. Some guy camping way out of the way of action with a heartbeat sensor in an objective mode isn't really doing his team much good and serves no other purpose than to increase his k/d ratio.

nolifeking2506d ago

I don't think the writer is trying to say they're one and thee same, but rather they are the bane of the respective genres. While I do feel throws keep a fighter on their feet, it's also something that's quite easily exploitable. To say if you get caught in a throw is no ones fault but your own is a bit ludicrous considering some character that I've mentioned have throws that are unavoidable unless running like a girl is your thing.

Tanir2506d ago

its true, an example is dead or alive, the throws and counters hit SOOOOOO hard in that game (love it to death tho)

but throws are needed for people who just sit their blocking, u wont get thrown if ur attacking, its not possible.

most games have a throw break, but i think all games should make almost all throws (unless part of a super) counterable.

haha anyone remember Ehgriez? you could counter everything hahaha, they would go onto counter the counter and then counter that counter and just basically roll around the floor countering up to like 8 times haha.

Squall50052506d ago

Does throwing my controller at the wall count?

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