First Infinity Blade II Screenshots Look Stunning

GR - "Check out the brand new screenshots of the newly announced sequel, Infinity Blade II, to the best looking game on the iPhone."

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user8586212506d ago

will it b insanely freaking.... repetitive??

Friendly_fiend2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I hope it's compatible with iOS 4

dericb112506d ago

Why? All Iproduct's should be at IOS 5 before Dec. 1st.
Just hope Apple gets the update pushed out without any problems.

iXenon2506d ago

Actually, the update is next week. If you have an iPhone 3GS (or iPod Touch 3G) or lower, then you're SOL.

As for this game, I'm VERY excited for it. I loved Infinity Blade.

Eric Barrier2506d ago

I really was hoping for a Shadow Complex sequel or some other new IP from Chair. *Sigh* I guess I'll just keep waiting...

Spenok2506d ago

Hope this comes to Android phones. What I played of 1 was pretty good.