Bethesda: Rage AMD Drivers “Were Not Compiled Properly,” Fix Incoming

GameFront, "Folks with AMD GPUs have been experiencing some issues with Rage today, like with screen tearing and corrupted textures and whatnot. And Bethesda says it’s AMD’s fault for sending out a broken hotfix in the latest batch of drivers. We spoke with spokespeople from Both Bethesda and AMD, check out what they had to say."

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ATi_Elite2476d ago

AMD was too busy burning the midnight oil on BF3!!

But sending out a BROKEN HOTFIX driver is just plain ole crappy! Way to FAIL AMD!!

barb_wire2475d ago

Yet, neither Id or Bethesda tested them either BUT sure didn't stop them shipping the game though, did it?

Apocwhen2475d ago

lol wut? AMD put out their broken drivers AFTER Rage went Gold and it's somehow the developers fault?

barb_wire2475d ago

@ Apoc

lol wut? So, are you saying then, that RAGE didn't even ship with AMD drivers? No wonder people were/are having problems if that the case.. And AMD didn't release 'broken' ones until after the game shipped?

Yet it's no blame of Id as developers (going on what you wrote) to ship a broken product?

Apocwhen2475d ago

eh, no. PC games rarely ship with graphics drivers at all. It's up to the PC owner to keep their drivers up to date. The game was developed against the latest ATI drivers at the time. Since the game went gold ATI put out broken drivers (for the Battlefield 3 beta) and it borked up the game.