FIFA 12 Sees Best Sports Game Launch Ever

The highly anticipated FIFA 12 launch has caused a heck of a turnaround for EA Sports, who now say that the game was the best sports title launch in the history of the gaming industry. The new game is being veraciously played by fans around the world, to the tune of 3.2 million sold.

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farhad2k82396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )


All hail- FIFA the King!
ahaha it makes me LOL

I just read the article, the iphone version of FIFA 12 sold 889,000 units so far..
I bet PES 12 can't beat that.. AHAHAHAA!

aCasualGamer2396d ago

Good for EA. The more this industry grows the happier i get.

But... i gotta complain about the graphics of Fifa 12 and the gameplay.

It feels too much like Fifa 11 and the graphics look dull. They should've prioritized the visuals.

eak32396d ago

As an American, I've always felt totally left out when it comes to the sport of true football.

spektical2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

u mean soccer 9 (us of course)?

football is the game for men, soccer not so much. When i see ronaldo, or [insert player] fall on his knees and cry and sob for 10 min, only to see him moments later run at full speed without a hitch.... ahh its just makes me want to strangle that person.

in topic
good for EA Sports; however I still feel that MLB12 the show is the best sport game this year, i've already seen nhl, and fifa, gonna check out nba 2k12... so far not as impressed as i am with the year to year update of mlb11 to mlb12

gillri2396d ago

yes but in that frankly lame 'manly' argument we have rugby which as macho a sport as there is

Football is best sport in the world to watch becasue it take the most skill to play at its higest level

jdfoster2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

American* football is rugby for pussy's :)

And undoubtedly football is the best, most watched, most popular sport on the planet.

spektical2396d ago

idk about soccer being the most talented sport.

i would say basketball is just or if not more difficult than soccer. Simply because you can move much quicker, be more deceptive, and you can beat a person with more than just a crossover.

soccer is a world sport, and us is not even coming close to the popularity it is in other countries.

hellzsupernova2396d ago

ha yeah lets all pad ourselves up because were men. play a proper contact sport not a bunch of pad wearing pussies. watch some rugby union or rugby league.

I have no problem with FOOTBALL being the most popular video game its obvious it would be considering its the most watched and played sport in the world. even i own a fifa game.

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PR0X12396d ago

It's because when you don't understand football you think oh it's very easy you only need to score on the other side.

But it's very tactical and you need allot of skill. Try Football manager 2011 and see for your self :P

Dungus2396d ago

Shame it's just a slightly different version of the last one. OOH BURN!

--Onilink--2396d ago

truly spoken like someone who hasnt played fifa for awhile....or probably never and assumes that any sports game made by fifa is the same as madden

Ares902396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

what a comeback for fifa
I remember how fifa was being outperformed by pes
and now it's the opposite way

Rampaged Death2396d ago

Played FIFA since the start of the current gen and I hate the new FIFA. I'll be picking PES up next week. It's faster and more fun.

--Onilink--2396d ago

just so you know, they implemented some new settings on fifa 12 where you can modify just about anything about the gameplay for you and the CPU, i advise you to check it out. You can change the max speed of players, how fast they can reach that speed (effectively matching or surpassing PES speed without being too arcadey), the speed of passes, how fast the power bar fills, how much do players make runs, how much pressing do defenders do, etc, etc

Its really a lot of options that can help you modify the gameplay if you feel you dont like something