Primed and Ready: Use Your Imagination

Default Prime columnist Tom Peeters has a question for you:

"Have you ever gone into a game in a way that you added your own elements, back-stories, and other trivial things that made everything feel more real and allowed you to feel more involved into the fictive world (yes, World of Warcraft is not a real world, MMO geeks) you chose to enter? I know I have. My vivid imagination and my totally weird mind wouldn’t allow otherwise. I’m pretty sure you have to. It’s something I started doing from the very beginning, as a child. Of course, it’s quite normal for a child to use his imagination, for that is what feeds the creative mind and allows it to develop into something that will later open worlds for others to join in.

Recent boredom allowed me to think of a few new ways to interpret games and their stories (yes, my weird mind is running free again). Having nothing better to do, I think I’ll entertain you with some. Let’s go through video game history in a slightly altered way..."

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