IGN: Battlefield 3 Beta: Best Kills Montage

An ex-Major League Gaming pro takes a crack at the Battlefield 3 Beta and delivers some sweet kills. If you haven’t gotten your fill of headshots and killstreaks, now is the time to click.

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SirBillyBones2508d ago

Boring. If only I could capture my gameplay. Quad kills and squad wipeouts abound.

Afreelunch2508d ago

I think the only "best kill" moment is when he walks into the breaker room with the 870 and does a double take on the guy who miraculously FAILS to drop him before getting merc'd like 30 seconds later. So real you could almost see his thumb up his ass.

Swiggins2508d ago

Jesus...I've done better >.>

Kleptic2508d ago

"IGN: Battlefield 3 Beta: Random kills montage"

*EDIT: Title Fixed

armorki2508d ago Show
Sugreev20012508d ago

These are hardly the best kills.I've killed far better than people in this crappy montage.