Hitman Absolution Getting "Very Interesting" Online Features

Gameranx: In an interview with Eurogamer, Hitman: Absolution developer IO Interactive has revealed that Agent 47's next adventure will be bringing an online component to the table.

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WhiteLightning2477d ago

Online....You have got to be kidding me

Can we not just have an amazing single player game

"it's possible we'll be seeing a co-op campaign or competitive component that's seperate from the main storyline."

But the thing is if they do that then they are basicaly cutting the script of the single player. Valve did the same with Portal 2, they had to cut the script to add the co-op, which in my opinion seemed pointless since they could of did a longer single player and then added the co-op as DLC.

Why do developers feel like they have to add online into everything.

GTRrocker2477d ago

Because online ships units.

I agree with your post though.

ThichQuangDuck2477d ago

I agree to the point that I do not enjoy tacked on multiplayer or online components rather than focusing on a great singleplayer. However with the time they have I believe they can make a great singleplayer that appeals to the hardcore while moving hitman in the right direction. Multiplayer I imagine would be like assassins creed, but it was the originally idea I had of hitman multiplayer maps with civilians while assassinating your target while someone is after you or all competing for same ai target a la smoking aces. They can do a great seperate co op campaign just like splinter cell chaos theory did.

FragGen2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

When they are charging 60 bucks a pop, developers should be able to do a good single player and add a cool multiplayer component, IMHO. Look @ Uncharted 2, Gers 3, RDR. If you want to be a AAA game you need to compete at that level which means the prdouct should have it all. Otherwise its wait three months and get it for $20 less.

hiredhelp2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Wait is this even the save devs. who's IO Interactive ?
Good lord i hope they dont ruin another good IP.

@Rampaged Death na man i didnt. maybe i got it mixed up with another dev. i didnt play much of the last one but i played the older version's so im looking to get back into hitman again.

Rampaged Death2477d ago

Damn ! You didn't know IO developed Hitman from the beginning ?

Rampaged Death2477d ago

Don't fuck up your only good franchise IO.

Reborn2477d ago

Well.. I'll wait to hear/see more before I form a solid opinion.

Though, a separate story.. hmm.

hellzsupernova2477d ago

hopefully it has a long and replayable storyline im hoping for over 15hours. that reallly should be the minimum for single player focused games. then after you haver achieved that add in challenges co op and other story based objectives, then add the competative multiplyer!

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The story is too old to be commented.