Does your gaming future look cloudy?

GamerFitNation writes: "Our newest writer Nic takes a closer look at cloud gaming and touching on the pros and cons. Technology is an amazing thing isn’t it? I mean, think about it, years ago the most exciting thing in gaming was when Atari let pong loose on the world. The fact that you were controlling a tiny paddle on your television screen drew people in and created an obsession."

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CrzyFooL2510d ago

I see what you did there...

PCRockStar2510d ago

Hell no it doesn't! Looks freaking amazing!
Top of the Line PC. Check.
PS3 (Phat Model - Rare highly Desired)
Xbox 360 Slim (Beautiful!)

Gaming is all mine!

And no, I didn't read the article. No time. Just enough time to read the summery and POST!

kma2k2510d ago

Just makes me think about how i think it was capcom said something to the affect of onlive gamers arent real gamers or something like that yesterday.

TooTall192510d ago

Nope Capcom is a supporter of OnLive. SSFIV Arcade is going to be on the service soon. It was just fans pretending to be devs for the new spider man game who said that.

TooTall192510d ago

2 of his disadvantages are irrelevant.

Onlive has dedicated servers (Homefront). In the future they will offer something even better than dedicated servers.

Of course the games you have for different platforms aren't BC. That's like complaining how my N64 games aren't compatible with my PS3.

nicfurlong2504d ago

I guess im coming from a PC perspective where all my disk/games will be no good if i went to a cloud setup.

And online is just the beginning, im talking about further down the road about losing dedicated servers. Everything will eventually be in the cloud and you wont be able to physically touch anything. I'm predicting match making will be the norm.

Cenobia2510d ago

This is why OnLive/cloud gaming will never usurp consoles/PCs:

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