5 Reason I am Excited about SWTOR

"Bioware finally gave us a release date and now, as I look at the calender, we are merely less than three months away from Star Wars: The Old Republic. I am squirming in my boots in excitement. It’s no lie I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time. I have been registered on their website since 2008 so I am eagerly awaiting my beta invite. So, with my fingers crossed, I give you the top five reasons I am looking forward to Star Wars: The Old Republic."

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coolbeans2512d ago

I did not know some of the facts presented when it comes to looting. Though I thought this was impossible, I'm even more hyped for Star Wars: TOR now.

AronDeppert2512d ago

Surprised there's only five reasons. LOL

BakedGoods2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

I only need one:


RoboSpiff2512d ago

theres more i can assure you, but i'd just go on and on. this way i focus on 5 things and it seems coherent.

RoboRyan2512d ago

This might be what gets me to finally build a decent PC instead of relying on the outdated piece of crap I'm currently using.

RoboSpiff2512d ago

DO IT! MORE RA in the guild!

sjaakiejj2512d ago

If only it wasn't pay monthly :(