Hines on the Possibility of Console Modding in Skyrim

Console modding for Skyrim is a topic that’s been floating around since the creation kit was announced for PC. Whilst some hardcore Elder Scroll fans have been cooking up crazy ideas for Skyrim customisation, others have found themselves pondering the possibility of Skyrim’s mods arriving in a console Environment. That is until now.

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zeal0us2545d ago ShowReplies(2)
Dart892545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Plz with a cherry on top???

Spitfire_Riggz2545d ago

Seriously Unreal Tournament showed it could be done. i wish modding was allowed for the console version of the sims as well

Xof2545d ago

I've never really understood why Oblivion/Fallout/Skyrim mods were such a big deal. In terms of how much mods effect or improve the game, these Bethesda game mods are probably rate among the worst. The only useful ones are the few GUI/mechanic tweaks or new animations (basically, fixing what Bethesda was either too incompetent or too lazy to do themselves) and then a metric ****-ton of aesthetic BS that doesn't really effect anything, and often isn't very good.

Most of the more popular mods end up being for slutty clothing or body morphs that would make a crack-whoring pornstar blush, or grotesque pseudo-anime BS art design that clashes horridly with the aesthetic of the particular game.

VonAlbrecht2545d ago

You're right, there's no mods that:

-Re-write the combat system and make it awesome
-Make the whole game look much better
-Actually add cool-looking weapons and armor to the game
-Make new dungeons and locations for players to explore
-Give you companions on your quest

Basically, what I'm trying to say is shut up, you're so wrong.

pipipi2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

what? theres NO mods that?:

-Make the whole game look much better

-Actually add cool-looking weapons and armor to the game

-Make new dungeons and locations for players to explore

-Give you companions on your quest

-Make new dungeons and locations for players to explore

you are an ignorant, if you dont know the subject, dont say such things, you can make all that stuff and more, but you are right in one thing:

shut up, you're so wrong

VonAlbrecht2545d ago

Do they speak sarcasm in what?

kcuthbertson2545d ago

Then please by all means...What other games have better mods than Bethesda games?

Bethesda, unlike many other devs, actually give the community their tools to mod their games however the community sees fit.

The only dev that is better to the modding community is Valve.

Lannient2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Graphic overhaul mods..weapons, new environments, races, just look for yourself. You don't see the big're blind. I'm still modding my game to this day...not joking.

xX_Altair_Xx2545d ago

Mods are good but I hope Rage isnt a sign of what Skyrim will be like (on PC).

VonAlbrecht2545d ago

Oh you mean that game that's being developed by a completely different company but published by the same guys so you just assumed there'd be a whole heap of similarities?

xX_Altair_Xx2545d ago

Bethesda themselves dont exactly have the best record.

evrfighter2545d ago

Best record of what exactly? because they've always supported modding and are second to none when it comes to mod communities

kcuthbertson2545d ago

Ok? Why would it be?

They're published by the same publisher but that is pretty much where all similarities stop.

Rage is a good game, it just has some technical issues.

aawells072545d ago

Bethesda didnt develope Rage or Fallout New Vegas just to give you a heads up. So neither of those games count towards Bethesda.

MasterD9192545d ago

Mods should be welcomed with open arms...As someone who creates a game I'd be interested in seeing what those who enjoyed the game could do with what I did.

I think limitations such as development time or resources hold something like mods from being introduced into consoles. Really the only mods I'm aware of for consoles (that don't get you booted) are the ones like Map Editors. While those are fun, you are still limited to what you can do.