Battlefield 3 Beta is a Marketing Failure

SG - Yesterday, one of my fellow SG writers, the lovable Scot, Yamster, wrote a piece pretty much telling everyone who is whining about the Battlefield 3 beta to kindly knock it off. Now, I’m not here to argue whether he is right or not (he’s totally wrong by the way!), I’m here on a more serious note. DICE and EA could have wowed everyone with a spectacular beta performance a month before the game is released. Instead, they provided the world with a steaming pile, smiled and said: “It’ll be polished.”

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xYLeinen2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )


DICE got the best of intentions and working very hard to bring their best game yet, and the beta testers are giving them loads of nonconstructive feedback.

I'm ashamed to be a gamer right know. That people can treat a game studio who brings out a BETA to test their upcoming game to handle servers etc. and people demand, demand and demand some more.

It really puts a sad mouth on my face :(

LOGICWINS2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Doesn't change the fact that many people will buy or not buy the game based on what they see in the beta. You think gamers will have the patience to rent the game and pay the additional cost of an online pass just to check if all the issues of the beta have been fixed?

Don't think so.

"That people can treat a game studio who brings out a BETA to test their upcoming game to handle servers etc. and people demand, demand and demand some more.

It really puts a sad mouth on my face :("

Gamers are paying $60 for don't think they have the right to demand, demand, demand some more when other betas Gears 3/Uncharted 3 were so polished?

xYLeinen2544d ago

No.. You NEVER demand.

There is such a big difference between constructive feedback and demanding. This should be obvious.

Yes we pay 60 bucks for a game and I among everyone else expect it will work properly with minimal bugs etc. But that doesn't change the fact that we are talking about a beta software, which is probably closer to alpha software judging from DICES statements.

LOGICWINS2544d ago

You NEVER demand? LOL, people like you are the reason that that the second UC3 beta STILL has melee issues and Situational Awareness type boosters still aren't removed from Uncharted 3 MP.

If gamers don't start DEMANDING at some point, then they will never get what they want.

MrSent2544d ago

A real gamer knows the difference between a beta and the finished copy. The Beta sill isnt over yet, is still being tweaked, and servers are STILL being tested.

You've all pre-judged the game based on beta software. Congratulations, you win nothing.

aCasualGamer2544d ago


Time will tell. We can only hope that they improve on the graphics and all the bugs will be fixed.

When you have flawless, glitchfree, bugfree and fluid gameplay on the trailers of your game that you are marketing, then you should stick by that and make sure the product does that on all platforms not only on PC in highest settings.

I don't know if you played the beta or not, but there were some major major unwelcoming glitches that ruined the gameplay.

Now, if they fix it by release then by all means i agree with you, that we shouldn't nag as much in the future. But if these issues still remain then i will lable this studio as nothing more than sellouts to EA.

LOGICWINS2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

@MrSent- You have ONE chance to give a first impression. Why would most gamers bother WAITING for the CHANCE that certain beta problems will be fixed when they can simply go for the safe bet: Gears 3/Modern Warfare 3...franchises that already have HUGE followings and a heavily devoted community that love the game?

Ser2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

You can't demand ANYTHING with a beta, Logic. A beta exists solely for the developers' benefit.

It's a beta, you know? A small fraction of the game that DOES NOT represent the final product? Did anyone else read this? Has no one participated in an actual beta before?

hiredhelp2544d ago

Well said.
Thoe i wouldnt say everyone has judged as some do understand it is a beta and know the finished game will be alot better. And do aprechiate the time effort and money DICE has invested in this huge game for everyone.


This gen the dev's and publishers have had no problems clipping content and then making us pay more for it.

it's all about the money, so why shouldn't I make sure then when I part with my money I am dam well happy with what I get for it.

I may not demand anything but my ££ do. If we are not to judge this game by the beta, because..well it's beta, then if dice want my £ they should at least release a demo of the finished code.

I thought gears 3 would be shit like gears 2, the beta changed my mind and I bought it. I thought BF3 would be awesome and the beta has completely changed my mind.

LOGICWINS2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

@DrakBlack- You can in the case of UC3. How is it possible that the top two problems of the game haven't been fixed in the SECOND beta(ND had roughly two months to fix these problems)..less than one month before release.

With BF3, gamers should DEMAND a free 10 day trial of the finished game.

Kleptic2544d ago

none of this really has anything to do with the beta being a 'marketing failure'...

the truth is, going by the headline of this article, it couldn't be more correct...whether DICE/EA were trying to get more hype for BF3 by running a beta (as apposed to JUST having it for testing purposes) is up for debate...but one thing is certain, by releasing the beta to absolutely anyone who wants to try it, they at the very least should have considered a few things...

number 1: Don't put the worst map you have ever created in history as your only playable map for the entire test (accept tricky PC password only awesomeness that was caspian border)...Operation Metro is complete encourages the exact kind of ethically questionable behavior that everyone is tired of, let alone arguing about it (everyone sniping, sneaking behind spawn points, etc.)

number 2: Battlefield isn't CoD with bigger maps and more don't set up a public beta that will misinform new to the franchise players...maybe give more of a disclaimer of what the 'real' game will be like...check the battlelog forums; 10000's of people saying 'is this it?', and asking a good question because they had never played a BF game before...that's not their fault, and if they went by this public test they'd think its big cod without polish, and thats it...

number 3: When you are 'testing' your games balance and playability, as well as server should probably damn well make sure people can play the game with friends...not as in 'i'm playing the beta on PSN and so is my friend'...more like playing together on at the very least the same fackin' team...let alone in the same squad that you set up before you launch the matchmaking...

So regardless of if this beta was supposed to be used for stress testing thats the song playing on EA's radio non stop lately...they still blew it by releasing something so terribly unpolished that it makes them look amateurish overall...which is NOT the case...the full game is going to be awesome...the core mechanics, and added new stuff of BF3 is there and it plays great (when you don't fall through the ground arming an m com explosive)...but it really needed to be a lot better and show off a lot more in order to keep people's attention...They assumed 'gamers' would understand that its a beta and for testing and not care about the lack of polish...that assumption in the end could be the biggest mistake of the year...

newhumanbreed2544d ago


I think you're mistaking betas for demos.

Autodidactdystopia2544d ago is a marketing failure.

for publishing this horse P#n%s

"we don't want the donkey show!"


RioKing2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Kleptic really hit the nail on the head there.

I, personally, have never played a battlefield game before; so I was SUPER excited to play the beta to see what all the hype was about.

All I got was a bunch of snipers, in bushes, getting what seems like one-shot-kills on me.

Battlefield fans are saying that that's not how the final game will be...or that that's not how battlefield is in general. But how the hell am I supposed to know/believe that?

I'm sorry, but I canceled my preorder due to the fact that I haven't seen anything from BF3 (on consoles) to make me a believer. And seriously, can you blame me for that?

I WANT to love this game, and I will rent it day one to test it out. But Dice keeps saying "the final product will be better"...then SHOW US! Its really not that hard to upload a few high def MP footage vids on consoles to shut haters up.....but for now, all Battlefield newbies have to go by is DICE's promises.

And one more thing, you guys can keep saying "this is only a beta!!" all you want...the only beta I have ever played before this was KZ3, and that was way more polished than this. And another trusted reviewers site (can't remember which one, don't ask) stated that most betas they played usually reflected the final product pretty that did nothing to instill confidence in me.

Bottom line is, most gamers go by what they see; so if I were dice, I'd release more vids or maybe even a REAL DEMO to show us what we can really expect....

tsunami9012544d ago

You want first impressions? Play demos. You shouldn't expect BETAS to impress you.

xxLuckyStrike2544d ago

WTF... Fo reaIs.. Lol..Is this what gaming has come to?!! When do you actually guysplay a VIdeo game

creatchee2544d ago


Hell - after the Gears beta they even added an extra half of the map "Trenches", which is something they could have only done by releasing a beta well before the actual launch.

The "it's a beta" argument goes both ways. Sure, it's not the finished product, but then again, the finished product isn't going to be a dramatic departure - especially with so little time until launch. The complaints being heard are glitches/bugs (fixable), graphics (unknown whether or not they are final), and gameplay/fun (which won't change no matter how good the game looks or how few hiccups there are).

Honestly, people found out via the beta that BF3 wasn't the end-all be-all of FPS's. This is a costly mistake of EA/DICE because now a lot of people won't buy the game because they already have formed an opinion, which is hard to change after hands-on time. I realize that the opposite opinion could apply as well, but really - is there a significant amount of people that are saying "OMG I neeeeeeeeed this game" after the beta as opposed to those who have been turned off of the game completely?

tl;dr the beta was a bad move, from a marketing and consumer confidence standpoint.

JokesOnYou2544d ago

I prefer COD, but I love *healthy competition and therefore would like to see other dominate shooters available....which is why Im si dissapointed with what has to be the worst beta for a major title that I can remember, especially this close to release. Fact is BF3 supporters can scream "its a beta" all they like but EA/DICE turned alot of people off with such a poor first impression of their game on consoles, I still dont understand why they did it, I know they are better than that.

Outside_ofthe_Box2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I agree with logic.

I was really looking forward to BF3. I got my hands on the beta and now I no longer plan on getting BF3 day one. There are to many great games coming soon for to me waste my on BF3 just to see if it "might" be a great game.

I bought NBA2K12 today. A couple of weeks later I'll be getting Batman Arkham City. Soon after that Uncharted 3. Now that I don't plan on getting BF3 I'll be getting Skyrim as well.

No matter how much I try to convince my self that this is just a beta, I can't. The game is less than a month a way. There are so many great games begging for money so I can't risk buying a bad game.

I compare UC3's beta to BF3's beta and it makes BF3's beta look like a lame attempt at a joke. UC3's beta was so much more polished. My only concerns with that game's MP is balancing issues which could easily be patched if enough people DEMAND it...

BF3 on consoles has so many issues that I'd be here all day if I were to list them. I still might get BF3 though, if I see a lot of people saying that the game is better than the atrocious beta. But I definitely know that I will NOT get BF3 day one. I made a mistake before doing this will Killzone 3 and I will not repeat it. KZ3 had 2 horrible betas, but everyone was saying the same trash they are saying now about the BF3 beta which is, "it's just a beta. the full game will be good when it is released." Come release time KZ3 was the same trash it was in the beta. No way in hell I'm repeating that with BF3. It will take a lot of convincing for me to get BF3 after it's released.

evrfighter2544d ago

closed betas are still generally accepted as a legit beta.

You can't go plastering beta invites to help sell games (moh) and expect to be taken seriously.

this beta lost all real credibility as a beta when it was touted as a selling point on another game. I'm not upset in the slightest with DICE. I have every reason to believe BF3 will be the game I want it to but DICE had this coming due to poor marketing.

jeseth2544d ago

After playing the Beta. I'm not buying it. Maybe when it goes to like $40 on Amazon.

Can't believe how crappy that Beta/Demo is.

There's no excuse. I don't care if its a Beta/Demo or not. It looks like crap up close, filled with campers that are supported by the Bottleneck design of the map, spawning, etc.

For example, look at Killzone 3's Beta, which is 8 months older, and 500mb smaller....

BF3 looks like a PS2 game compared to this. Can't believe what a letdown the "Beta" was...

only thing I liked was the M16A3.

Kahvipannu2544d ago


Exactly, Metro isn't the best way to introduce BF to new players. I was surprised today to see a tv-commercial here in Finland, about BF beta. First one for beta that I have seen, and I'm glad that people are trying it out, but also dissapointed about how the beta isn't really a "real" way to showcase BF...

Anyway, BF3, day one for me.

Blogz4Fanboyz2544d ago

i just dont know..

i have people on my friends list who considering cancelling their pre-orders because of this "beta".

after two superb bad companys, i am willing to give dice the benefit of the doubt. but, there are many issues with the game that i feel WILL NOT be ironed out or changed for the retail release.

overpowered unbalanced weapons,bringing prone back, dodgy hit detection etc.

but frankly, i have never played on such an umpolished "beta"/demo, and dice-ea have seriously shot themselves in the foot imo. alot of people will take the first impression they have of bf3 and stick to it..

we will see in month or two months just what impact this will have on the sales of this game..

morganfell2544d ago

Gamers that love gaming and understand how a beta functions shouldn't be concerned. Gamers that understand how EA and Dice have handled all of the Battlefield titles shouldn't be concerned.

The fact that some idiots will not buy BF3 due to the beta is just fine with me. These are persons you would be cursing for their worthlessness anyway. What they wound up on your team? Imagine how much you would be hating these jackasses. Good riddance I say. The community is better off without them.

jetlian2544d ago

didn't really like bfbc2 which he got and onslaught mode. His cuz made us get it. Anyway he was digging BF3 beta!

He's more a cod fan too. so they got him to change over

BattleAxe2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

@ xYLeinen

" No.. You NEVER demand."

"There is such a big difference between constructive feedback and demanding. This should be obvious. "

Well seeing as how I'm the customer and they are the company trying to get me to spend $60 on the game, then making demands would seem to be appropriate to me. Its called "Business 101".

malol2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

on consoles it is
on PC the only guys complaining is because 2 reasons

1- he is getting owned >>>>>>> lol
2- the map is too small >>>>>>> which is something i agree

on consoles its just a mess all around

and im buying it day one

MysticStrummer2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

"many people will buy or not buy the game based on what they see in the beta."

In that case many people are morons.

"you don't think they have the right to demand, demand, demand some more when other betas Gears 3/Uncharted 3 were so polished?"

No. Polished betas are a pleasant surprise, not the norm. Betas are not commercials or demos and anyone who thinks of them that way is an idiot.

Shadowaste2544d ago

uncharted 3 beta look like mookie stank, ran like crap, gear 3 is more of the same and gets sooo boring so fast.

BF3 (on pc at least) makes both of thoise games look 5 years old and run perfect and is highly engaging and dynamic every time.

Uncharted 3's multiplayer is medocre at best, it's right up there with kane and lynch multiplayer, or something like bioshock 2 multi....

....basically tacked on, the unlocks are useless cosmetic drivel, like gears 3!

BF3 is a true multiplayer game, I wish they would not have even made a single player campaign!

Mr_Lu_Kim2544d ago

Every fool that doesn't buy this game due to the BETA is one less moron in the fianl game as far as I am concrned.

Go NOOBS go run and cancel your pre-orders. MW3 is waitng for you. We don't want you in our squads as is.


Tommykrem2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I think people are failing to capture the essence of the article. The text states that the Beta is a MARKETING failure, which is likely to be true.

If you're trying to deliver a boundary pushing, highly polished game you'll have to be careful when delivering something sub-par with the finished release. Just like the pre-release Crysis 2 demo on PS Store. I'm sure it's not a marketing disaster and that most people will get the point, but I bet that what a lot of people (not everyone) were thinking when they fired up the beta was "Is it the best looking game ever", if you get a disappointing first impression you'll probably be on forums writing "OMG bad graphics" instead of sending a mail to DICE asking them to adjust the accuracy a semi-automatic rifle.

Heartnet2544d ago

Agreed 100%... this is what ive been saying all along... people will judge based on the beta even knowing its not the finished build.. how can you be sure half of these problems wont carry over into the full release? cause dice says so.. even knowing their trying to sell their game so tehir opinion will be biased...

everyone saying you cant judge a game based on a beta.. of course u bloody well can... i judged UC3 from its beta and it was bloody great with a few minor hiccups... i played BC3 beta and it was riddled with bugs and errors that made the game look unpolished and does not live up to the hype that surrounded this game.

What ur saying about demanding is correct. "The customer is always right" if the fanbase which is supporting you and allowing you to continue creating games by handing over your hard earned cash to em.. you have the right to expect them to fix what needs fixing and to listen to your feedback and fix the game based on that.

Vega752544d ago

i think the reason why everyone is calling it more a demo than a beta is because of the timeframe Dice/EA released this game knowing the game will come out in a few weeks. you can't really blame gamers for being upset and cancelling their pre-orders because they are dissappointed with the beta/demo.

i have to agree with a lot of gamers on this one. i think this was to get people's reaction to the game more than a beta. i've played betas before but this is by far one of the worst ones i've ever played. yes this may not be the final build of the game. but it's not like Dice is going to release a demo days before the actual game comes out to repair the damamge this beta has done.

But i blame EA more than i do Dice. if EA wouldn't have been talking trash as they have been maybe peoples expectations wouldn't have been so high. i really wanted this game. but because of the beta(and mostly origin) i won't be getting this game for my PC or console.

bananahammock2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

DICE and EA have not failed to impress yet. What makes you think they're going to let Battlefield 3, their flagship product, go down in flames upon the release? The BETA?

Silly children, ignorance is for no one.

Kleptic2544d ago

tommykrem: Exactly the point i was getting at higher up, and I totally agree with you...

EA/DICE have never been really clear on what the beta was supposed to be...If its JUST stress testing, it absolutely does not need to be available to everyone...decrease the number of servers, send a fixed amount of invites, and put user agreements up that do not allow the gameplay to legally be recorded...

that is normally how a beta works when it has absolutely nothing to do with getting attention...and only allowing the devs to hunt bugs and get the network features up and running properly...

I've played 2 betas this generation that did exactly that...killzone 2, and players, we had to agree to not put videos up on youtube, etc...and for good reason...both had some graphical hiccups (killzone 2 had a drastic change to lighting in the final product), and other problems that would not have left a good impression on the general public...

BF3 on the other worse off glitch wise than those two games combined...yet is available to anyone with internet access on ANY of the 3 platforms?...if that isn't a mistake, i don't know what is...

i'm still buying it as i'm confident in DICE and loved past BF games...but i fully understand how this put a big 'wtf?' across the industry...

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theonlylolking2544d ago

If the beta is so bad that it is unbearable to play then there is a problem. That is exactly what the BF3 beta was like on consoles.

StanLee2544d ago

Before Epic Games released a beta for Gears of War 3, Rod Ferguson hit the nail on the head when he said, gamers have the highest expectations of a beta and betas are as much about marketing as they are about stress testing and bug fixing which is why developers are always hesitant to release a beta to the public. DICE were foolish to release a beta of a build months old, if in fact the build was months old. They should have known just what Ferguson did.

Kleptic2543d ago

exactly right...the overall issue is that EA/DICE released a 'beta' more in line with what a real, non-marketing, beta actually is...for stress testing, balance issues, etc...

yet they operated it like a demo...and were surprised by the outrage surrounding it...

it NEVER should have been released the way it was...from day 1 this was handled like a demo to publich...anyone can get in, 2 day early access for those who purchased things, etc...

its funny too that EA/DICE did it this way, as they released a real multiplayer demo for BC2 in a similar way, and the demo was very polished, and very close to what the final product ended up like...BF3 at least runs, but it looks to be months away from any finished product...

the mistake is not having a beta...the mistaked was assuming the public, of which all can access it, would look past all the problems and understand what it was supposed to be...which probably won't be the case...

tickticktick2544d ago

You're ashamed of being a gamer because not everyone is happy with the beta/demo? The demo (I mean beta) has failed expectations.

Blaine2544d ago

That's what a lot of people who are defending the beta fail to realize: we have no idea if it was actually a beta or just a demo labeled as one. Sure, EA are saying all the bugs are fixed, it was an old build, etc. But that wouldn't be the first time EA spins BS like that to sell their product.

People who are concerned over issues in the "beta" have every right to be, since there are no guarantees that the retail game will be any better. Frankly, I won't pay 60$ for a game until I know for sure it's not buggy like that. And after that beta, I sure as hell wouldn't buy BF3 day 1. I'd at least wait a few days to make sure the retail is in fact fixed and polished.

Kleptic2543d ago

i think right now the biggest fall out for BF3 is that it ruined a lot of potential day 1 the general vibe in the battlelog is 'i'll wait and see'...if they don't have this shit sorted out by release, its going to get eaten alive...

I personally love it, and still will buy it day 1...but i don't blame anyone for second guessing the title now...its definitely not what i expected either...i'm just so tired of cod, but for some reason still have a need for a big multiplayer modern shooter this year...its kind of the lesser of two evils imo...

either way, its clear MW3 is going to pretty much walk away with it for 2011...that wasn't always necessarily the case...EA did a tremendous job of getting tons of hype surrounding BF3...trailers showing how crazy different it was from cod in both multiplayer and single player...the caspian border trailer that blew everyone away...

then released a beta that had absolutely none of that in it...I like it anyway, and like the franchise...i'm confident that BF3 has so much riding on it that it simply can't be as bad as the beta overall...I'm treating the beta as it will be the absolute worst map, which everyone will vote out in lobbies anyway, and all the lack of polish will be addressed eventually...i hope anyway...

finbars752544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I have to agree xYLeinen.I can't figure what the hell is wrong with everyone by dissing a beta.Sad mouth on my face isn't what I'm doing but to think the people are canceling there preorders because of a month and half old build ect is just plain fucked up.I don't see anyone else crying or canceling there preorder when all the call of duties came out and how it plays like crap and by far the most broken ass game in the history of gaming.Look at BFBC1 and 2 how bad those betas where and when day one release came they ran as smooth as butter and looked fantastic.It just goes to show how bad gamers have become and how selfish they are.These developers called Dice are doing everything they can to make sure day one release is a success not a clusterf%^k like activisions worn out milk station just keep that in mind.

Heartnet2544d ago

Atleast CoD aint unplayable.. and people know and expect CoD games to be riddled with bugs so ur not surprised and u buy it knowing that :)

also they dont BS about all the bugs being fixed and blame it all on its and old build when surly the correct thing to of done then was release a later build.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2544d ago

@ Heartnet
Really? You buy a game expecting bugs and glitches? You do realize that one of the reasons those bugs are still there is your pathetically low standard. Activision knows they'll get away with publishing a sloppy game, so they do. And you buy it.
I'm not saying you should expect absolute perfection. It's 3 million lines of code. There are bound to be bugs. I am saying you deserve better than what you're paying over $100 for every year.

Kleptic2543d ago

first of all...the beta isn't 'unplayable' by any far as networking, freezing, and other errors...i've had next to zero, and haven't read much on those being entirely common...fwiw i've been playing the PS3 version, i understand the 360 version crashed for a while earlier in the week...and PC has been receiving updates, so i'm sure its fine...

for the PS3 runs perfectly smoothly for being a free test...i don't notice a 1/4 of the screen tearing that was made so public on youtube videos...textures can be downright awful ( a fallen tree's remaining stump being outright laughable...lifted straight out of the n64 era), but any time you stop to actually check out a'll get your face blown off, so don't worry about it anyway...

overall visually everything is is fantastic for a multiplatform game...the darker indoor sections are gorgeous with people's flashlights shining everywhere, and extremely impressive muzzle flare effects...the lighting outdoors is also great, but nothing outrageous, and has obviously pretty aliased shadows from trees and things...

glitch wise, they are there, but nothing game breaking entirely...the worst i've come across i s the first section has major clipping issues, where you will simply fall through the ground...and it happens slowly, like quick sand, just to rub it in i guess...there are hit box problems, but that is more an issue of lag and server loads currently that should easily be addressed for the final game...

as far as balance there are a few guns with confirmed damage problems...the F2000 is a death stick, with multiple videos showing 2 shots will kill someone with full health when they are doing certain running...but it takes a while to unlock it, so its not that bad of a problem...

it does have bugs, but it should...its old...the problem isn't the state of the beta...the problem is that people weren't informed immediately 'hey, our shit is pretty fucked up so bare in mind this is NOTHING like the final product'...maybe they will crap out and release a pile similar to the beta, but i highly doubt that...

all i'm saying is that as far as true betas go, i've had the easiest time getting into a game and playing for hours than any other i've participated in, save the squad system being a joke...its just the state of the beta's build is iffy at best...

RioKing2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

^tsunami901-- Where's the demo? Oh yeah, I doesn't exist.

Like it or not, a first impression is exactly what it's called...a FIRST IMPRESSION. Guess what that was for tons of people new to Battlefield...the beta.

Im not talking trash on DICE, and I haven't lost all hope on the final product being badass. But face it, DICE kinda messed up by having this beta be all the console gamers can go by in terms of FIRST IMPRESSIONS.

And I, for one, am not crying about the beta. I'm simply stating that dice didn't do a good job of giving us a first impression of the game after all the hype (truth hurts sometimes). I did cry when I bought black ops and it was a completely broken game, so I'm not biased at all.

A-Glorious-Dawn2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I cried too brother... :_(


Im getting bf3, i just cant decide on which console to get it for, prefer ps3 but my xbox is collecting dust. Both controllers feel good for bf, cod on the other hand is better with than ds3

Der_Fuhrer2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Which consoles do you have more friends playing on? For me, all my buddies play on that's my decision. If that's not a deciding factor for you, then go with what you feel more comfortable with...whether its controller comfort, online community, etc..

turgore2544d ago

Well excuse me for having standards and not eating every shit made by EA.

bananahammock2544d ago

Instead you gargle the cock of Infinity Ward as they fuck you in the mouth with a patched Modern Warfare every year and charge you 60 bucks.

Good move, teach me?

Legionaire20052544d ago

Dude I agree with you 100 percent man. I thought the beta was great and I download it for all 3 platforms 360, PS3, and PC. People don't understand what a beta is even if the game designer, explain to them so many times its not what the actual game looks like. They will buy this game and love it and they will shut up!!!!

egidem2544d ago

Market failure or not, besides small glitches I encountered on my PS3 beta, I'm enjoying the game!

memots2544d ago

Don't worry its not just gamer its this generation in general. Entitlement Generation.

Legion2544d ago

I for one was turned off instantly after playing the beta. With the number of glitches in it that shouldn't be in a beta. And the types of issues that are possibly map specific, and am wondering what issues are going to be found on the other maps that aren't being beta tested?

But after 12hrs of play I am just sucked into the Battlefield moment and am likely to make the purchase. I didn't buy Black Ops because of all the issues with it, but for some reason BF3 has gotten me wanting to play more.

If I could only choose my own Squad instead of being forced to randomize joining a squad then that would be nice. Hate being in a Party game and not being able to squad up with my party members without trial and error. And the beta doesn't allow me to mute players, nor does it give me a game chat option when partied up, odd at best.

Hoping all my issues are resolved by the fix time. But yea... they needed a much earlier alpha testing that should have resolved the vast majority of these issues.

Kleptic2543d ago

perfect post...I'm 15 hours in and hooked...and I think we can both rest easy that it would take years for DICE to come up with another map as bad as metro...meaning, metro will simply be skipped by everyone when the final release comes around...and we'll never have to play it again...

although the indoor sections are decent, and if they add some ATV's and emplaced guns in the outdoor sections, it could really turn around this nightmare of 15 different camp fires being lit for the first and last 10 with some vehicle tweaks to metro, i think it could be much better...

read up on caspian border on the forums...the guys that played it claim its a night and day difference of gameplay balance compared to metro, and illustrates just how much a different map can bring bf3 out of the darkness...

I got tired of cod because of being encouraged to camp, worry about a kdr, and have no incentive to work as a team...its like DICE read my thoughts on what I didn't want to play anymore, and worked tirelessly to make a map that encouraged that EXACT kind of gameplay...thanks, i guess? way any map will ever be this bad for the rest of DICE's existence...

Legion2543d ago

You know I really don't mind Metro that much. I can understand how it can annoy some players and can lead to campers in the outside portion, but the first area really has it's good aspects.

It has spots for snipers and spotters. It has cover enough for rushers and gunners. The Mcoms are close enough together that they can be easily defended, but at the same time a hard rush can gain a quick foot hold on an Mcom especially if they instantly hit both at once splitting the defense.

Main issue with Metro is that you need your team to work together. I will see "A" Mcom being taken out and nobody going to defend, 10 guys sitting on "B" Mcom not even thinking about moving.

Should always be 1 squad on each Mcom and 1 squad doing search and destroy/recon. Many areas have multiple access routes and hard to cover if you don't work as a team. I usually try to quickly access what my team is good at and try and cover the areas they miss. I care less about hit percentage and kill rates. I will be that person that uses suppression gadget (SUPR) and lay down some bullet fire to keep the enemy blurred and weak to attack. (waiting to get SQD SUPR so my whole squad can gain the benefits)

I will be that person on the island that is spotting and putting yellow dots (triangles?) on all the enemies as they move up. (wish I had another person sometimes helping to cover my ass)

On offense I will suppress the enemies so my squad can move in to the Mcom. I drop that radio behind the enemy lines so that we can flank and conquer. I spot choke points and cover them so that my squad doesn't get flanked. Most importantly I play my role and don't try to Rambo up every damn round.

The hardest part of Metro is the last level and trying to defend. Offence is easy as there are soooo many ways to gain access to the Mcoms.

On defense you really need a good team. No use being in the upper level shooting out of windows if you don't have someone watching your back. You will be dead meat soon enough.

I hate seeing all my team hanging back at the spawn trying to just shoot people from a distance. Not going to work on this level. Also, stay out of the friggin buses... it doesn't help to do anything as you can't get out the back windows without getting plugged. I have rarely seen anyone actually defend the last Mcoms. But we have done it a few times.... lucky with our team work??

I like Metro and would welcome to play it on the real BF3 when it comes out. But I will learn and enjoy the new maps too!

Septic2544d ago

Lets be honest- the beta, for the most part was a bit of a shambles and a lot of the mainstream crowd will either be put off by the various glitches that plagued it, the lacklustre Metro map that was on offer and the mediocre visuals (at least on consoles).

The thing is, Op Metro didn't do the game justice at all. I managed to get into the Caspian Border servers on PC and the experience felt like a true Battlefield experience. In short, it was jaw-dropping.

I'm not a PC elitist- not AT ALL- having only just recently bought Deus Ex HR on PC. But I strongly urge gamers seriously considering this game (and those that have played BF2 before) to get this on PC.

The specs are not that demanding at all! Remember a week back when they released the spec sheet and it said something along the lines of 80% of gamers only running this on medium? Well really that was bull because I was running Caspian Border on HIGH with only 1 ATI 6850 and dual core (now quad core). Trust me- if you can spend a little extra upgrading your PC it is SO worth it.

I'm confident Battlefield 3 on PC will represent a generational leap in FPS gameplay simply by going with what I experienced on the beta and Caspian Border. You owe it to yourself to try it out.

A-Glorious-Dawn2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I will get it for PC eventually I guess, I'm kind of torn on this one. I really want the PS3 version to improve come release, I would really like to play with the vast majority of my online companions which are on my console. But the jaggies, especially in the shadows of some of those trees.. Ugh!

On my PC they are so sharp and frostbite 2 really shows what it's designed to do....

Hope they add more AA to the ps3 come release..

MostJadedGamer2544d ago

The best intentions is not good enough when you are trying to sell people a $60 game.

Its why you shouldn't do public betas or even release demos unless you are sure you are going to get postive reactions across the board; because you will end up losing more sales then you gain.

Philoctetes2544d ago

"I'm ashamed to be a gamer right know. That people can treat a game studio who brings out a BETA to test their upcoming game to handle servers etc. and people demand, demand and demand some more. "

The people who should be ashamed are the folks at DICE who spent the last six months talking a big game about how awesome this was going to be, and then released what looks like an alpha three weeks before launch. Sorry, but anybody who is a not a fanboy has to admit that DICE failed badly here.

Maybe the final game will still turn out to be okay, but there is no denying that this beta was a self-inflicted disaster.

chriski3332544d ago

Its not a demo ppl r just stupid beta means testing the game demo is trying new game

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ATi_Elite2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

"Battlefield 3 Beta is a Marketing Failure"

Sure whatever.....12 million Gamers have been playing the Beta. I can't think of any other Beta with Half those numbers ever. The servers are jammed packed daily and even the Hacked 128 player maps are full!

DICE, AMD, and Nvidia are busting their arses off right now making sure all the data collected will make the actual launch build work very smoothly. BF3 hasn't even gone Gold yet but I'm sure it will at the end of this week and Dice is fixing bugs as they pop up and a Day 1 patch will be ready.

It's a Beta so the bugs and lag don't bother me cause i know that will all be fixed. Marketing failure....Ha get real, this laggy buggy beta has 12 million gamers foaming at the mouth with cash in hand!

Chuk52544d ago

No, I just has people checking out what the hype is about. 12 million gamers isn't necessarily indicative of people ready with cash out.

hellzsupernova2544d ago

my thoughts exactly. me included i downloaded it to see what was what. Its enjoyable, but doesn't make me want to buy it especially for launch price.

Convas2544d ago

I've generally agreed with you at large, but if you TRULY believe that there are 12 million people lined up to buy Battlefield 3, you've got a rude awakening coming.

ATi_Elite2544d ago

Battlefield Bad Company 2 has already shipped/sold 9 million copies so please explain why BF3 can't do 12 million?

sure i realize that not all 12 million beta users will buy BF3 but myself and many of my friends are not in the Beta and plan on buying BF3...and some of us will be buying multiple copies.

Shipped/Sold doesn't matter cause EA gets paid either way!!