RAGE: id, AMD, Nvidia “actively working” to resolve PC issues

Bethesda’s Pete Hines has said that id are working with graphics card manufacturers to resolve the issues plaguing the PC version of RAGE.


Post has been updated with further advice from Hines for those using AMD/Ati graphics cards.

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gravemaker2512d ago

Can't they do this BEFORE release? No? Morons.

ATi_Elite2512d ago

NO because it's good to get crash reports back from thousands of different PC configurations so they can pin point the problem and also find other issues to correct.

Dude seriously chill out it's not like you never patched a game a week or two after launch

Torinir2512d ago

Had there been an open beta for RAGE, we may not be having this discussion. Proper in-house QA testing prior to release may also have prevented these kinds of showstopper bugs from rearing their heads on release.

While I do agree that plenty of games have had week 1 and week 2 patches, I think on-release major crash issues are much fewer and further between than generic gameplay bugs.

evrfighter2512d ago

I'm usually with you ati but this is just downright embarrassing. Makes carmack look like a chump.

Orpheus2512d ago

Bro this din happen with doom , quake or wat ever. Well there were issues but this time its an unusual case ... guess wat. Carmack was too busy catering to the dino - tech toys.

But these truths are better not spoken in n4g othrwise u loose bubbles like me . Lost one today lol ..... i never knew console fans loved Crytek soooo much.

gamingdroid2512d ago

A lot of these issues don't show up until it gets to peoples hands. The fragmented nature of PC gaming is rearing it's ugly head.

A moving platform might give you the best performance, but only when it is working right.

Pay me now or pay me later!

kevnb2512d ago

Its screwed up on every amd card with any driver... that bs doesnt fly since we have apis to keep things standardized.

aaaaaaaaa2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Me I'm hoping windows 8 sorts allot of these driver issues out if it does then i can start to enjoy PC gaming again because the past 2 years have been a bit of a joke

gamingdroid2512d ago

It won't, because the driver issue is related to the number of different flavors of graphics card out there.

It's not because of Windows itself....

kevnb2512d ago

It helps some, but its mostly amds poor opengl support in this case.

Zephol2512d ago

7 years development!!! 7 years!!

kevnb2512d ago

Amd cant ever seem to get opengl right anymore.

Johnny_Cojones2512d ago

Playing on an Nvidia card, and not having any technical issues, BUT I have to add that the environmental textures are really disappointing. Megatextures? O LAWLZ. 22GB installation, & game is still a mixed bag, visually.

ATi_Elite2512d ago

22GB....Gee Whiz!!

GTAIV w/ Icenhancer mod + real car, clothes, and weapon mods is that big...wait maybe 30GB!

Anyway i'm sure a Patch is gonna fix everything. I'm not buying Rage until they patch it anyway.

Johnny_Cojones2512d ago

Yeah, if I'd known, I'd have waited, obviously. It's not a huge deal, because I'm more patient than most, but it does make me worry a bit about Skyrim's PC release.

Ranich2512d ago

"but it does make me worry a bit about Skyrim's PC release."

Exactly. I'm so worried I'll get it for the PC and I'll run into shit like this. I'm already VERY disappointed with my purchase of RAGE, despite getting for the PlayStation 3. I'm full aware it was not going to be superior or whatever, but the pop-ins, the AI, the lack of story line, etc. It's just a totally bad experience that I was hoping the game would never be.