Rage Interview with Todd Hollenshead

WorthPlaying speaks with id Software president Todd Hollenshead about the ins-and-outs of Rage, including some of the game's hidden easter eggs.

"WP: Are we going to see any Easter eggs or hidden references to prior id games?

TH: When you get the rocket launcher, if you step away from the computer a little bit or you let it go to another frame, there's a little Doom homage when it goes into the demo reel for the original Doom. People may be a little bit lazy, but then they'll see what happens."

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr32334d ago

I haven't picked it up yet, but I watched the ign review and their video has the game looking WAY better than the videos I've been watching of it for the past year. I just hope it looks like that when I get it, lol.