Four NFL Players Face Combat Training Test in New Battlefield 3 Reality Show

Drew Brees, Clay Matthews, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jared Allen star in Spike TV reality show Battlefield 3: Operation Gridiron

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Hufandpuf2477d ago

drew brees!? Clay Matthews!? Larry Fitz!? Jared allen??? (seriously, who is jared allen?)

I have to see it.

Urrakia342477d ago

Jared Allen is only one of the top defensive linemen in the entire NFL. Not that it really matters.....

TheShow172477d ago

Jared Allen is my favorite NFL player! He is a badass!

Bay2477d ago

Wish the episodes were longer, there wasn't that much to see in episode 1, lol.

Kind of interesting, but I wouldn't know how cheesy it is until they actually start doing things.