UGO: Soldier of Fortune: Payback review

News Flash: Soldier of Fortune: Payback is not going to be winning any Game of the Year awards. As shocking as that may be, really... anyone who was expecting greatness from a game sponsored by a magazine needs to have their brain scanned for injuries. Developer Cauldron HQ has delivered a doozy of a must-not-buy title for Activision in Payback, with brainless AI, uninspired visuals and iffy controls. The game's single defining feature - an increasingly gory set of death animations - is simply not worth the $60 price of admission.

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MK_Red4018d ago

New SOF was indeed made as a budget title under "Activision Value" umbrella but Activision got greedy and charged full price. Still, I'm a gore fan so I'm buying it soon. Wish it was budget priced...

me_p4018d ago

should have been $30-$40..but being a gore and sof series fan.. going to buy it soon..

RadientFlux4018d ago

I rented SOF over the weekend because I just had to try it (been a fan of FPS since Wolfenstein). If you liked the first two SOF games and want a more old school FPS experience you can't go wrong with SOF.

straightpiff4204018d ago

The PC version which came out about 5 years ago was great! I still play it every once in a while and when I saw SOF was announced for the PS3 I was excited to play it. Sucks to find out the game is a huge disappointment; However, the review doesn't mention online play at all? Guess I have to wait for a Gametrailers review.

Daz4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Try it for yourself dont rely on a review lol.

snoopgg4018d ago

Yeah, I agree that it won't compete with Call of Duty 4, but it has a different feel to it. They will bring out more maps for it on multiplayer, which I like alot. The graphics are above average and the single player game isn't as bad as some say. Rent it, you will have a blast over turkey day.