10 Great Stories That Had Awful Endings

The games industry is an ever complex machine, with many parts and elements that can let down an otherwise promising experience. Some games just let themselves down however. Gaming is constantly pushing to establish itself as a medium that is seen as artistically viable in the public eye, and it attempts to do so with touching stories and multi-faceted narratives. Some games can’t quite sustain such quality for their entirety though, ending in, what can only be described as, a poor effort. Here are ten great stories that let themselves down at the end."

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WhiteLightning2329d ago

I have to disagree about Price of Persia, you can't count the DLC because even then the ending of that was left on a Cliff hanger.........where lots of people are STILL waiting for a sequel.

I liked how it went against the same old, defeat the evil, get the girl, save the world plot.


It showed you how in the end he let his selfish side of him get in the way of right and wrong and created the enemy on purpose we have to defeat in future games, all to save a girl he cared about.

Then you have the brillaint last phrase of the narrator

"What is one grain of sand in the desert, what is one grain of sand in the storm"

coolbeans2329d ago


I still like KOTOR 2's ending (in some regards) because it leaves it up to the viewer to interpret some of Traya's predictions. It certainly a spit in the face in many aspects, but most could've been removed had we ACTUALLY SEEN KOTOR 3 ANNOUNCED!

wedgie2329d ago

I agree. They definitely left it open for a third. Wish that would have happened. I also wish they would have been able to finish 2 fully and not have it be rushed.

Pozzle2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

I don't know if I'd say just the ending of RE5 was awful. Pretty much anything beyond the Indiana Jones temples that were inhabited by zombie tribes-people in grass skirts was awful. The later chapters felt like pointless filler to pad out the plot until we finally got to face Wesker. WTF Capcom.

And OMG don't even get me started on Necron from FFIX. Such a pointless final boss. I THINK he was supposed to be a physical representation of Darkness/Nothingness itself....but that brings up so many questions; Where did he come from? What exactly was he? Why did he suddenly want to destroy everything? Why was Kuja's actions the 'final straw' for him? And so on. WTF Square.

gameseveryday2329d ago

I agree with you on Resident Evil 5, the ending was just horrific.

***spoiler begins

You and sheva just fire missiles on Wesker and hes dead, which is kinda lame since during the fight you are already bombarding him with bullets and what not

***spoiler end

jony_dols2329d ago

Exactly, Resident Evil 5 was very good game (with albeit dated controls) up until the subterranean temples, but once the 'infected' started pointing mirror incendiary beams & started kitting themselves out in army fatigues, I knew this game had really fallen from the lofty heights of RE4.

sonicsidewinder2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

I fuckin loved Halo 2's story. The ending was a shame, but when I think back, never has a game left me with so much anticipation for a sequel.


Then Halo 3 turned out okay. But i wish it continued with the dual plotline of the Arbiter as well.

It was so good in Halo 2 bombing around with a squad of Elites and Grunts.

Enmson2329d ago

does this have spoilers for new games?

wedgie2329d ago

catherine was the newest on the list as far as I could tell

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