BF3 - Beta Not Receiving Any More Updates, Mirror's Edge Easter Egg and DICE Taking Feedback

DICE seems to have opened up another channel for communicating with Battlefield fans about bugs and glitches in the Battlefield 3 Beta. Since last night, DICE’s Twitter account, Battlefield, has been taking concerns and responding to many, if not almost all.

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john22422d ago

Are they hinting at Mirror's Edge 2?

Criminal2422d ago

I hope so! I think Mirror's Edge deserves a sequel.

BootHammer2422d ago

I agree, would be nice to see what could be accomplished with a solid sequel.

Criminal2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

I surely would hope so Mirror's Edge is one of this generations unknown gems.

Autodidactdystopia2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

Mirrors edge was visually beautiful.
guy 1: "look at all the preeeeeteeeeey colors"

guy 2: *Looks*

guy 2: "Oh"

Liefx2422d ago

Mirror's Edge 2 was presented to EA but was not approved. The team wasn't going to give it up though and Mirror's edge 2 will almost certainly come out, just anytime soon? I doubt it.

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jriquelme_paraguay2422d ago

why need to be 2?
you can find a BubbleHead in Rage, that doesn mean Fallout 4

Criminal2422d ago

Yeah, this might be just an Easter Egg without any hint at a sequel. But, we can hope!

Mister_V2422d ago

Then "next" Mirror's Edge :)

Mister_V2422d ago

Sometime I feel like I'm in Mirror's Edge with the character movement in BF3

Criminal2422d ago

Even though it's disorienting sometimes, I like it.

PhantomT14122422d ago

I like to vault over like in ME.

xdye0172422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

I actually thought I'd slide the escalator in the subway just like mirror's edge. The subway really reminds me of ME.

Mister_V2422d ago

I was totally thinking that too. Haha!

OcelotRigz2422d ago

Loved Mirrors Edge but i couldn't complete it because it gave me serious motion sickness after a few minutes of playing. Very frustrating because it was so refreshing and original at the time, hell it still is.

Swiggins2422d ago

I got the same sensation, got very physically ill once actually, like extreme car sickness.

I occasionally get the same sensation from Battlefield with the gun bobbing up and down.

Still both are kick ass games so I take some Dramamine.

Jack-DangerousIy2422d ago

I would love another Mirror's Edge...

From the comments here it seems like everyone who played the awesome original is right here. :P

NarooN2422d ago

I need a Mirror's Edge 2. The first one was amazing, such a breath of fresh air. Now that they'd have time to refine the gameplay more, they could really pull out all the stops.

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