9.0 Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Review "Disgaea 4 brings plenty of improvements across the board, polishing already established mechanics while adding some new ones to the mix. It's an overall enjoyable experience and one that I can easily recommend to anyone looking for a fun strategy RPG to dive into. The story is full of fun and nerdy tropes. It offers a deep battle system complimented with a number of other features like the Item World, Cam-Pain and Evilities. Let's not forget about the new online mode and map editor, although those really could've been so much more and it's quite disappointing that they aren't. All in all, while Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten doesn't really break the mold, it is easily the best Disgaea game since the original. It must be the sardines."

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ShawnCollier2480d ago

Can't wait to see Prinnies explode in glorious HD.

Xof2480d ago

Honestly, it doesn't even look that good. It's more a matter of, "gee, this makes Disgaea 3 look even worse than it did before."

Though if you miss the fuzzy low-res sprites, Disgaea 4 has those, too.

mephman2480d ago

Seems like a quality game. :)

fozzness2480d ago

I really want to get into Disgaea... Should I start with the first then?

grailly2480d ago

the first is the best imo, but every new disgaea added a few new features, if you want a more complex game go for disgaea 4, otherwise play disgaea on psp/ds (it works well as a portable)

Hardedge2479d ago

Doesn't quite top the original, but it's good all the same. I'm loving it a lot.