Telegraph - Rage Review

Telegraph - Rage combines fantastic shooting with a barebones RPG and a sub-par racer, making for a very disjointed game, writes Ashton Raze

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Inzo2511d ago

I started playing this yesterday( I know some people) and for me it really isn't a good game. If I had to score it.......6/10.


what would you say you are not enjoying about it?

6 out of 10 is very low for a game that was expected to be at least very good.

at least tell us why you think it's so crap/average

MasterD9192511d ago

Hard to disagree with someone who has actually played it but I'd prefer to hear what you didn't like about this game because honestly from what I've seen the game looks fun. That's whats important. Comparing it to other games and you are sure to be disappointed.