Battlefield 3 Beta Numbers Revealed

IGN - DICE has confirmed that Battlefield 3's beta has six times more simultaneous players than Bad Company 2's.

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SKUD2419d ago

I still have faith that everything will get sorted out. I'm ok if they have to delay it just to work a little more on it. Now if you take away BF2. Well, There's no hope for any of us.

DarkTower8052419d ago

I honestly think that's what it needs. Another 1 or 2 months to get it polished. The game not having gone gold yet tells you it's being rushed. EA should just step and do it. There's still plenty of time before Christmas or even before Thanksgiving.

I can't imagine how much pressure Dice has on them right now, probably 20 hr work days. The good thing is that Dice is a dedicated dev team and BF3 will end up being the game people want. Although it will probably take a couple months, but for a game people will play for months/years a couple months of ironing out problems won't be much of a big deal.

StanLee2419d ago

Ah . . . it's October 5th. The game went gold at least a couple weeks ago. Has to have.

Virus2012419d ago

Not every company announces when a game has gone gold.

ECM0NEY2419d ago

You do realize the beta code is over a month old possibly even 2 months? The game will be fine when it comes out. Mark my words

zeksta2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

I don't understand why people don't get that this Beta Code is more then 1-2 months old, graphics have been tore down to the Bare Essentials and most bugs that are in the beta have been fixed.

Retail is going to look and play much better.

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Jack-DangerousIy2419d ago

I can't believe it's already October....

The's almost over..

Farsendor12419d ago

know the retail will be different graphics/glitches/squads but what else will be different? gameplay will stay the same which i love but the game should have no health regen or vehicle regen thats for healers and repairs to fix.

SignifiedSix2419d ago

That, sir, is what hardcore mode is for. Which will be in the full game. :)

Tachyon_Nova2419d ago

No, thtas just how the game should work. Whats the point of a engineer class if all vehicles just autofix themselves?

SignifiedSix2419d ago

Dude, that's probably only in CORE mode. Hardcore mode doesn't regenerate health at all. Haven't you played bad company 2? No regenerative health on HARDCORE MODE.

MrSent2418d ago

hardcore mode is what you are looking for. It ships with the game.

bwazy2419d ago

Take a page from Guild Wars 2 developers.... Release it when its done.

Farsendor12418d ago

i played almost 200 hours all together in battlefield bad company 2 on steam and origin but this is supposed to be battlefield 2 sequel not bad company 3.