RAGE PC - How To Adjust Some Graphical Settings

DSOGaming writes: "PC gamers are right now disappointed with iD Software’s title as it doesn’t provide any in-game settings to adjust some of the game’s settings. Well, time to get excited because there is light at the end of the tunnel my friends. As with most iD Software engines, RAGE can be tweaked via the console commands or a config file, so keep reading to find out what can be changed at this point."

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bwazy2542d ago

Well.... This is a little bit out of the way >_>

Fishy Fingers2542d ago

By the time I get my hands on it (friday) there should be plenty of config files etc out there.

Still, pretty poor show for id to not include even basic graphic options.

Ah well, bring on the graphic mods :)

MadMax2542d ago

How does Id plan on getting rid of the mass amounts of texture pop in? PS3 version is really bad and now im hearing the PC and 360 are having the same problem!