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Autodidactdystopia2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

watching all these is like getting a prostate stim.

j/k How the hell do these trailers always pump me up like this?!

awi59512477d ago

Operation metro still sucks

Lazy_Sunday2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

At least they're trying to rebuild their image after the beta. It doesn't matter if you're a fan or not, you know a lot of people aren't buying BF3 because of it.

GameZenith2477d ago

If this was done in August, how is this intended to rebuild their image?

Also, so said that their image is broken? Any intelligent gamer would understand that the BETA is on a build that is a few weeks if not months old and nowhere near what the final version will be like. Take the PC for example, the PC version isn't even running on DX11 but rather DX10. So the graphics would dramatically improve come the retail version.

Also I believe most of the criticism comes from closed minded old school BF vets who can't accept Operation Metro. Honestly, I like what OM does because it adds variety to the game. As much as I like large open battlefields, it would be fresh to take that BF experience to a small closed quarters environment.

And finally, BF3 is still superior to MW3 in my opinions.

Lazy_Sunday2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

An intelligent gamer...
90% of the people who play games aren't very intelligent at all. You could probably argue that, the majority of the population of gamers that purchased CoD aren't the audience that you want to go for, obviously. So, how can BF topple CoD if BF is the audience it wants to topple is the CoD audience? CoD is easy, and it will stay the average gamer's multiplayer shooter because of it.
Listen, I know intelligent gamers don't give a shit about things like this and have faith because they know better. Duh. But the intelligent gamers won't be driving BF's sales. It's the unintelligent ones who affect the majority of sales, not us--and that's the image they have to repair. We are the minority.

All the opinions on N4G combined will never change the fact that more people will buy MW3. BF3 is superior. We know that. But in terms of sales, did you ever think that maybe it's will to be superior and difficult is what holds it back from becoming a huge success? I mean, guns are unbalanced as you level, you get attachments and armor as you level that make you stronger, and so all the noobs don't really stand a chance against you with that logic, either--better equipment and armaments for the more experienced player isn't what keeps a cohesive, equal experience together. This game never stood a chance, we both know it--and the criticism isn't from the old school vets its from the CoD fanboys hoping for a taste of what was supposed to be prime rib. This is what they will think of the game now. Because they are stupid. Understand that. Please.

ExitToExisT2479d ago

almost no difference between real life footage and bf3 :D

MidnytRain2479d ago

That's just what I was going to type. When those scenes were flashing by with only a second between them, I couldn't tell whether it was real or a game.

xtreampro2479d ago

There's a massive difference! games haven't even scratched the surface of reality. The game looks really good but it's still noticeable for many obvious reasons.

no_more_trolling2478d ago

its cuz they have been locked up indoors for too long, they cant tell the difference

i kid :P

Grip2478d ago

so what u saying is outdoors in ur area is a warzone ???

Kon_Artist 2478d ago

get your eyes checked :) i could tell the difference just fine.

Dlacy13g2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

I don't know, I personally distrust games that use real life FMV in their promos instead of 100% in game. Feels like they are trying to hide something or make something look better than it is. Why would EA/Dice think this was a good way to promote BF3? How is watching NFL players playing war games in real life making me want to buy this game? If anything it makes me want to go play some paintball.

That said, I am getting BF3 and I know it will be good...

Edit: As for the TV show... meh... if I remember I will watch it but not too bothered about it.

evrfighter2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

So you distrust a game that's shown you nothing but gameplay footage all year. Given you an open beta that your can play right now, and has many many many gameplay videos on youtube.

Sounds about right

Dlacy13g2478d ago

A typically yes...I do distrust game companies that do this. Now BF3 is a bit of an exception in that I already know its going to be good and I have my copy pre-ordered. But commercial campaigns like this don't endear me to a game. Its usually the opposite. That is what I was getting at.

Not trying to say that BF3 is bad or anything. Just ad campaigns like this aren't very effective in my eyes.

Xalaris2478d ago

I don't really see what the big deal is. It's an ad that I assume is trying to form impressions of how reality and virtual war scenarios could be similarly compared and executed. I frankly find it motivating...

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