Mafia Wars 2 is Grand Theft Auto mixed with Civilization

Bitmob - Facebook and mobile game developer Zynga just announced their first sequel, Mafia Wars 2, which looks a lot like a Grand Theft Auto-themed Civilization game.

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THR1LLHOUSE2425d ago

GTA and Civ are things I like...Zynga is a thing I don't...Not sure how I feel about this.

NagaSotuva2425d ago

If you run out of energy every 5 minutes and need to constantly spam your friends for items...I'll pass.

choadley2425d ago

That girl looks really cheery for a mafia assassin.

Sadie21002425d ago

That sounds really cool, but I need to stay away. I'm already spending way too much time on Empires and Allies. WAY too much.

Tolkoto2425d ago

The mafia aint no game, son.

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