SW:TOR - A Review of the Reviews

No other MMO in the history of the industry has ever received this much attention before its launch. It also stands to say that no other MMO has ever been "reviewed" as much while in beta. To make matters all the more interesting, there seems to be a growing divide between those who are enthralled by the game and those who are shockingly disappointed.

What is it about The Old Republic that is causing such a stir and such attention (both positive & negative)? We set out to find the answer by looking at some of the web's more interesting reviews of the game.

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coolbeans2476d ago

Wow, beta reviews? Battlefield 3 would've sunk into the red on metacritic if they were counted :P (in reference only to 360, not sure about other 2 platforms).

PooEgg2475d ago

Maybe I am missing something, but I think it is kinda uncool to review a beta of a game, since betas are generally for testing purposes and do not really represent the final version of the game. Perhaps instead of trying to be the cool kid on the block who got beta access these people should be giving this feedback to Bioware which might give them a chance to make changes to any 'real' problems prior to release. If anything maybe they should use the word preview, since these are not reviews of a finished product.