Nightwing Revealed In New Arkham City Screenshots

Myniritori: It was recently found out through a leaked Achievement/Trophy list that Nightwing would be a playable character in Batman Arkham City through DLC. (Much like the Joker DLC in Arkham Asylum) That said we got our hands on some screens of Nightwing’s Character Model.

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dorron2455d ago

ehmmmm...doesn't the design look a little bit emo? or is it just me? O_o

iDotDotDot2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

LOL, I thought that too.
It's in the hair ... it just stinks Emo/Angst.
Should have been slicked back like it is in the comics. Or Spikey.

BUT I think its raining in the screens that those are taken from, so his hair could just be wet.

AND it was the Alpha of the game, so that could have changed.

Pikajew2455d ago

I thought the same thing

BldyShdw2455d ago

Why is everything "emo" these days...I'm kind of sick of the term to be honest. (not a bash on dorron...just a thought)

Jack-DangerousIy2455d ago

I disagree. (I figured I'd at least tell you why instead of just hitting that little button)

I think it looks pretty similar to what Dick looks like in the Nightwing comics. Though I would have preferred not knowing he was in the game at all until I actually played it.

Obviously people it's in the title that Nightwing is going to be in City. :/ Oh well!

Jappy-k72455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )


my god, love the design it's soo Japanese! at last a western/european game with decent handsome looking character!

seriously more western devs should follow and take note...I'm looking at you Naughty Dog...

@ Disagrees and the guys above:
you guys hate japanese games !

@ Jack-DangerousIy
noway, he is the one that looks emo imo: YUCK!

Jack-DangerousIy2455d ago

Are you trying to tell me that Nathan Drake ISN'T delicious???


uncharted562455d ago

idk why people hate on emo hair styles. I mean having that style doesnt mean one is emo. I know people who have sort of emo style hair just because that hair style suits on them. It doesnt mean hes living a emo hair style or hes going to cut himself and cry. Seriously guys be more tolerant to others and their values.

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