6 truths about Rage

The Gamer Sheep website has broken Rage down to six points of truth. They include a shallow multiplayer, a great shooting experience, and why you should buy it on the PS3.

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Sanii2356d ago

Id focused too much on graphics and forgot the story

jriquelme_paraguay2356d ago

and the menu to change graphics

SageHonor2356d ago

Yeah when developers focus too much on 1 or 2 things. Stuff like that happens

gamersheep2356d ago

Don't forget to save your progress whenever you do something cool.

arizona-techgeek2356d ago

The co-op missions are cool but why can't the whole campaign be co-op?

BattleTorn2356d ago

I love this game already, but I can understand if some people might be disappointed.

id clearly gave no thought to certain aspects of similar games.

No leveling, no skills. It's much more about artist enviroments and qaulity shooting action.

I, for one, like just walking around anf taking in the scenary, and the world's atmosphere.

The shooting action is also top notch.

AfricanWoolf2356d ago

I appreciate people who take the time (and brainpower) to express their opinions politely and intelligently.

More like you sir, and gaming would be held in higher regard amongst the mainstream press.

I look forward to getting my hands on RAGE :)

gamersheep2356d ago

Have to agree with all of that. That skyline is amazing.

Ranich2356d ago

It's great to look out into the scenery, then when you look at textures several feet ahead of you and notice they're grey blobs -- it really kills the atmosphere for me.

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