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Original Gamer: "With all the hype of how punishing gameplay can be, Dark Souls is ready to bring the pain. But can it live up to the reputation that its predecessor laid down and deliver an experience worth the hype?"

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TopDudeMan2543d ago

This game is apparently selling really well for such a niche title. I can't wait to play it.

Malice-Flare2543d ago

this game is going to surpass Demon's Souls' metacritic rating. funny how success has changed the opinion of the media. i remember sites ragging of Demon's Souls for being very difficult and not casual friendly, now it's a plus feature...

Myst2543d ago

Yep I remember it to but Demon's Souls wasn't that hard, this one on the other hand...I'm actually having a bit of difficulty lol. Kind of dreading New Game+ at the moment.

DaTruth2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

It does seem harder! I fought the second Demon on the bridge 5 times before he followed me off the side of the cliff and I got the win before dieing. I had a good system, but it was hard to keep up when you only draw 56 and he draws half your energy with every hit. Also those giant skeletons are ridiculous!

But I find I'm not dieing for stupid reasons, or due to mistakes like my first few days with Demon's Souls!

@Blaine: I'm actually happy they stayed so true to the original! Play TW2 once and you'll dream of Dark Souls combat mechanics!

Myst2543d ago

@DaTruth - Oh god! Hated that demon but I did it the other way by climbing up the ladder and kept dropping on him lol. I tried that trick to get him to fall off the ledge but no go :/

karl2543d ago

well.. since it has the same playstyle

and u have a hole game to practice "demon's souls"..

i'd say dark souls is quite more difficult

Blaine2543d ago

I'm only about 2 hours in Dark Souls, so maybe my opinion will change with more time, but so far, to me, Demon's Souls was far, far better than Dark Souls is.

FROM hasn't improved anything gameplay-wise, and if they've done anything at all it was to make it worse. Demon's Souls had great gameplay, but the lock-on system could have been improved. Also, when you fought enemies that weren't exactly on the same level as you (on stairs, for example), you couldn't hit them; you still can't. So far the gameplay seems slower to me, and dodging isn't as smooth as it used to be. Also, you can't just dodge-roll forward when running--your character does some sort of idiotic forward lunge before rolling. So if you were planning on dodging an arrow from an archer in who's direction you were running, forget about it--your character will jump straight into the arrow before rolling.

FROM also deemed it fit to "improve" the enemy AI. A good tactic in Demon's Souls was to approach an enemy with your shield raised and wait for them to make a move. Either take a few steps back, dodge, or just block their attack then riposte. But now enemies will instead wait for YOU to make a move--which would be folly, leaving you exposed to take a lot of damage. This is especially bad against enemies wielding spears and raised shields. So you have to stand in front of them with your shield down like an idiot for a long time before they decide to attack... with their shield still raised. Making an opening for attacking has become a lot more tedious than it used to be, and not for the better.

Like I said, my opinion could change, but so far I feel severely disappointed. This coming from someone who put 200+ hours into Demon's Souls, and actually considers that one easy, Dark Souls is letting me down.


lmao. you're only 2 hours into the game. my friend told me it's amazing so far and me and him together have put at least 300 hours into demon's souls. the game's supposed to be harder, not easier.

Myst2543d ago

Actually the game play did change you stated that despite saying nothing has changed. Such as a kick you can do to an enemy that is constantly guarding. A running lunge thrust, or even just a regular slash it all changes. Depending on how your running and analog movement.

As stated before if an enemy just has their shield up kick! Also quite a few enemies I have encountered certainly have not waited for me, because they seem to always throw something or attack me...

So far finding Dark Souls a bit better but still not so sure about the bonfire idea then again like you I'm only 2 hours in.

Blaine2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

I kicked them repeatedly. Doesn't break their guard.


You and your friend have 300, and I have 200 myself. I didn't say Dark Souls was harder, I sait the gameplay was less good than Demon's Souls.

bakagaijin782543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Sorry you are having trouble, but personally I'm finding this one easier/better. I like the changes they've made, the bonfires are much better than the Nexus, and I seriously think the fighting is more fluid. It is so easy to roll around, dodge, block and riposte. Unless you're wearing heavy equipment? I'm still wearing the tattered gear I started with and I'm doing great. I can dodge just about anything (but of course, not everything).

The thing I like about this game is that you really should have a few different ways you're good at attacking. It's not all about using one uber weapon to get through it...

Want to get past those enemies wielding spears and raised shields? Just throw a fireball at them. Having trouble with a tough enemy? Find higher ground and do jump attacks. Etc, etc.

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RXL2543d ago

Could this be a turn back into hard core gaming?

hopefully so!..

casual games are cool for a quick fix but there are just times when you want to sit down with an good old fashion epic story and veg out for a couple hours..

plus it helps along with the cost...

why would i want to pay 65 dollars for a game that i could beat in 3 to 8 hours?..

i want to legitimately go through something and come out a better gamer on the other end

tsn2543d ago

Should I play Demon Souls before this?

XFON2543d ago

you don't have to. the only thing you can gain from demons souls is experience and how to fight.

beavis4play2543d ago

well - playing demon souls is a lot of fun, too.

Myst2543d ago

Eh honestly I'd say you could pass but as Xfon stated you get experience. The thing is though animations have changed and the game is harder. Though either way that experience may or may not help you due to the change in difficulty, animation and the way this world works versus the past.

TheDivine2543d ago

I really would before the servers close, they extended them but who knows for how long? You NEED to experience the nexus, the music, atmosphere, everything lol. You dont have to play it to understand dark souls but i def wouldnt pass it up. Plus if dark souls is harder it will give you practice.