RAGE Review (PlanetXbox360)

I decided to carefully work my way through the world of Rage the same way I did previous efforts by id Software, the development studio behind such classics as Doom and Quake. I was looking to have some fun. If I want “in-depth” gold digging or leveling up, I’ll go play a round of Borderlands. What I went scavenging for in Rage was the standout moments – blasting a puss-like monster to bits with a rocket launcher, taking out cart-riding bandits with homing missiles, throwing around a bladed Krull-like glaive to chop off limbs, visiting Crazy Joe, and dwelling opportunities on a job board. And despite some of these negative folk, Rage has plenty of these moments – and then some.

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UltimaEnder2482d ago

Couldn't agree more, love this game - driving is SO fun! Get it on any platform...

BakedGoods2482d ago

So many mixed reviews. Some say it's "nothing special" others are shouting "GOTY".

candystop2481d ago

Yeah these are reviews are all over the place. This is just one of those games you have to try for yourself.

guitarded772481d ago

Yeah, I am puzzled by the mixed reviews. UPS has dropped the game at my house and I'll find out for myself how good/bad it is when I get home, but I have no worries, because usually mixed reviews are due to haters just doing their thing. Killzone 3 got mixed reviews, but I thought it was incredible... same for GT5. With ID being ID, I expect a good time with this game.

Vladplaya2481d ago

This is game is NOT 9 out of 10. Its might be slightly above average, otherwise there is nothing special about it, its just typical showcase for the new id engine... Which was pretty much expected.