PlayStation Vita Gets Unlimited Use High Speed 3G Plan From NTT DoCoMo

There's an even better plan for those who plan on taking their Vita online frequently, as shown in a pamphlet promoting Vita 3G plans.

For ¥5,460 a month, you can get unlimited data through your Vita. This is the same "FOMA high speed" access that's included in the 3 hours bonus time with the 100 hour pre-paid card. It offers 14Mbps download and 5.7Mbps upload, far above 3G's 128kbps/64kbps speeds.

The plan will also be available as a sliding ¥1,000 to ¥5,985 plan, where the base fee is ¥1,000, and you get charged for use until you reach ¥5,980, where you can continue with unlimited use at no additional charge -- this is a typical option for data plans.

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supremacy2541d ago

Thats not bad, I wonder whats it going to be like here in the states.

eraursls842541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Well its gonna be at&t so you won't go over your 2 gb limit because you'll never have signal, at least not were I live. I hope Sony can work out some kind of deal with them but I don't see that happening.

supremacy2541d ago

Who knows really, I mean you are probably right. But I guess we just have to wait and see.

MasterCornholio2540d ago

I hope in Spain there's a similar deal