Modern Warfare 3 Relying On Social Media to Advertise, Opposite Approach of Battlefield 3

Lately, it seems EA and DICE have been dominating the gaming market with all of their Battlefield 3 advertising. To put it simply, EA has been wh*ring the hell out of Battlefield 3 from the "Above and Beyond the Call" tagline (and shot at Modern Warfare 3) to the Jay-Z "99 Problems" trailer.

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2pacalypsenow2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

Cuz everyone knows about Cod Mw3 People people still think BF3 is bad company 3

CoryHG2422d ago

Well considering for Black Ops they started spamming commercials a year in advance.

thespaz2422d ago

So you're saying they started playing Black Ops commercials directly after Modern Warfare 2 came out? I doubt that very much.

Anti-Fanboyer2422d ago

Well they know it will sell anyway, why bother spending another 100 mill on advertising, when they know sheep's will come.