Is DOTA2 Doomed to fail as an eSport? - GameZone

GameZone's Dustin Steiner takes a hard look at DOTA2 and the tough road it has ahead of it as an eSport.

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DemonStration2509d ago

Is it better for the e-sports community to have one definitive MOBA? I feel like it might be. DOTA2 will be a huge success but maybe it's not meant to be a true e-sport.

lance422509d ago

I have way too much fun with a free league of legends to buy DOTA2...that and I don't really think I'd enjoy denying that much.

nightmarex1212508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Dota is the reason why moba became competitive. I know all my friends cant wait for dota 2. I don't think price will be a issue because most of friends saying they are willing to pay at least 100 bucks for the game.
Lol is scared thats why they try to make their game different and add dominion because they know moba type game you play with your friends and no body will play lol if all your friends are all playing dota 2.

Impaler2508d ago

I will buy Dota 2 the day it releases and do you know why? Because Icefrog is the man and Valve are amazing. Oh and Dota is totally different than LoL(and most LoL kids will get destroyed in Dota 2 initially)

athmaus2508d ago

Honetly i have have never tried it.....kinda wanna try it out

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