GamePro - Dark Souls Review

Kat Bailey writes: Dark Souls is a vast game, and it's beyond the scope of this review to recount all the little ways in which it's a truly special experience. In many ways it's an incredibly ambitious game, but it also manages to master the individual moments that matter. Other games may be more polished -- the frame-rate is an occasional issue -- but I doubt they can match the terror that Dark Souls evokes in the simple act of turning a corner.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2420d ago

I got this game earlier today and I love it so far, its pretty much just like demons souls, but looks a little better.

I killed the first boss and some monsters, great game for any fans of demons souls!

karl2420d ago

the only defect that demons souls has is that it has an ending...

sooo dark souls will be very welcome =)

Tanir2420d ago

dam amazon freakin delayed my shipping till tommorow -_-, dont matter i have to do homework anyways