PC Owners Complain Of RAGE Texture Problems

TSA: "It looks like it’s not only the PS3 and Xbox versions of RAGE that have texture problems."

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gravemaker2389d ago

stupid id cant do anything right

ATi_Elite2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

They made Doom and Quake....doesn't get any righter than that!!

Help is on the way and it's called a Patch and id is making one right now so don't slit your throat just yet!! Besides this gives you time to go buy the game instead of just flaiming about it!!

Bereaver2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )


I believe as much as you ATi!!!!

Now, to someone that doesn't know much about ID, this is how you sound. You shouldn't be "flaming" others for "flaming" someone else that rightfully bought it.

ID will fix this, I'm sure. Sit tight and be patient, it's only been a day or two since release.

*edit* On a side note though, I'm luckily not having any texture problems with my 560ti. I've been hearing it's mostly ATI problems though.

Do you think they will release a higher definition texture pack? That is what I would like to have.

Jobesy2389d ago

Thats why I game on consoles, don't have to fuck with compatibility issues or tweek settings just to play a damn game.

kcuthbertson2388d ago

That's not really a fair statement. Id fucked up..bad. This isn't a common thing in PC gaming. They destroyed any loyalty that PC gamers had toward them.

TurboGamer2389d ago

Hope the guy who made that advance graphic tool for Crysis 2 will make one for Rage.

ATi_Elite2389d ago

or what about the Icenhancer Mod like the one for GTAIV?

yewles12389d ago

Why should mods have to fix this? It's Id's mess, let them clean it. Mods should be working on fun bonuses, not wind up making PR assists w/o even knowing it.

ATi_Elite2389d ago

A mod to enhance the graphics not fix the graphics. Of course id will fix their issues!

kevnb2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

its an amd issue mostly, which they fixed with a new driver a few hours ago. Its still not perfect, but before the update the texture popin was the worse I had ever seen lol. And for screen tearing, forcing vsync and opengl triple buffering works great. Im not sure how the graphics compare from console to pc, but playing with a gamepad is incredible awkward since the game is so fast paced and smooth. I actually had a gamepad for the driving and mouse and keyboard for shooting to be 100% honest.

Sobari2389d ago

This is why when I play PC games, I start with the oldest first and work my way up to the new releases, unless it's a multiplayer-centric game. It's usually better to let PC games set for awhile to allow time for patches and mods to be created.

Shadowaste2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

friends don't let friends use ati or play on consoles!

Everyone I know with a pc is loving rage in true 1920x1080p at 16x anti aliasing! It loooks at least 1 if not 2 genrations ahead of the console version!

Everyone I know with a console is playing the inferior, sub-hd, jaggie covered, pop-in riddled port and it is NOT 60 frames all the time on console like it is on an nvidia equiped pc! Not to mention the graphical assests are SEVERELY gimped on console, the pc version utterly decimates the console version, like every multiplat game!


I use 16x anti

4x anti is barely hides the jaggies in fine lines, 4x is not even an option as far as I am concerened, 8x is the least i would use in a game that is dx11 and super demanding......... rage runs so easy, it does nothing to my i-7, i could run two concurrent games of rage at 60 frames, this game is mediocre at best.....sure it looks better on pc than any console game ever made, but it is nothing in the relam of pc gaming!

kennyboy2389d ago

dont know which rage comparisons youve seen

Sobari2389d ago

No one uses 16x AA at that resolution. 4x is the max you should use at 1080p.

Letros2389d ago

I use 16X...running at 60fps, why turn it down?

Sobari2389d ago


The higher the resolution, the less AA is needed to nullify jaggies. 4x AA is usually the sweet spot for 1080p. For resolutions around 1200 and beyond, you'll only need 2x AA or less.

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