Digital Foundry vs. Console Battlefield 3

DF: "We still find ourselves asking if consoles can conceivably handle a full-fat Battlefield 3 experience."

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pangitkqb2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

The Beta has been pretty rough on PS3 and 360, but it's just a beta. I'm confident Dice will deliver in the end and that it will be a great game on all platforms.

Shaman2266d ago

So...360 actually has less tearing and runs smoother? Color me "surprised".

Oner2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Part of the article that is somehow missed ~

"General framebuffer set-up is exactly as DICE claims - on PS3 at least. Here, resolution is definitely 1280x704, with tiny black borders top and bottom. We were expecting the same on Xbox 360 after a tweet from DICE's rendering architect, Johan Andersson, but the borders are absent on the Xbox 360 version. Perhaps it's full res, perhaps it's been upscaled"

So that could be the reason the 360 "seems" to have less tearing etc...because it is possible it is at a lower resolution. Maybe not, as it might actually be full res but this is something still yet to be proven. Either way this part is what I take out of the whole discussion ~

"Based on the "beta-ness" of the multiplayer demo, final conclusions on the quality of the two console versions can't really be judged at this time. The overall feeling you get from playing both builds back-to-back is that the two games are virtually interchangeable - in terms of both the good and bad. We see some minor, inconsequential lighting differences, and the 360 has a few texture streaming issues, but overall it's quite remarkable how close they are bearing in mind how much DICE has put into getting the most from the PS3 Cell processor's ultra-fast SPUs."

The last 4 paragraphs of the article really explain the overall view a lot better and is what needs to be emphasized. Not Console A is better than Console B when it's not even retail yet.

Wizziokid2266d ago

wait for final version maybe...

Captain Qwark 92266d ago

i think the game looks great, i really dont see what the problem is with the graphics....yes there are some better but these are still damn good, maybe i just have a better tv than everybody in the world, or maybe my eyes are bad and i just think my vision is perfect. idk even so, in the end their just graphics, the gameplay is great imo

emartini2266d ago

I feel the same way. The game runs and plays and looks great.

dirtrider2266d ago

what??? so what you a re really saying is it's ok to except this kinda quality, from a very competent dev???

jezzzzzzzzzzzz raise your expectations. the game/beta so far runs like ass on console, and we have all seen the 360 and ps3 do a lot better.

i really hope this is an old build because if it isn't shame on you dice/ea

Captain Qwark 92266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )


beta, beta, beta, beta, beta......its a test bro did you pay 60 dollars for the beta? no you didnt, there testing the servers/finding bugs so that when you do pay for it, you get nothing but top quality. on oct 25th if the game still has all the bugs then ill agree with you, until then have faith in the "competent dev" and stop jumping to conclusions that the final game is a broken mess.

imo for a "BETA" when the game is not bugging out it plays great, at least my 7hrs in the beta seem to think so, and the graphics look great already imo, just look at all the detail, objects in the maps, size of the maps etc...

people this is a BETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is so hard to understand about that lol

dirtrider2266d ago

ok i see "wait for the final version" and all that, but do you guys REALLY think it will somehow be so much different by the end of this month???

i have a sick feeling that many that say this will be very dissapointed very soon.

Captain Qwark 92266d ago

i think it will be bug free and the graphical glitches will be cleaned up. anybody expecting the graphics to somehow get leeps and bound better is an ignorant turd, but it is prob those same people who thought the consoles would look as good as pc. as of now its graphics easily compete with the top games, are they the best though, no. are they bad? not even close just not as good as the pc or some console exclusives.....

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