ZTGD | X-Men Destiny Review

Ken McKown writes: With virtually no publicity and very little info X-Men: Destiny soars onto retail shelves without many people noticing. Activision has had a successful run with Professor X’s mutants over the past two generations, and a lot of people were expecting yet another Marvel Ultimate Alliance out of the collaboration with Silicon Knights. Instead, what we end up with is a straight-up action game with some light RPG elements that is designed to be played through multiple times. The core experience may be too short for some, but what is here is definitely enjoyable, especially if you are a fan of the X-Men.

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_Q_2265d ago

Thank you for actually playing the game before reviewing. Or at least sounding like you played it.

PaladinXII2265d ago

He did. Played through it in one sitting, which is a testament to how enjoyable it was (his words, not mine).

ZeroTolerance2265d ago

Oh come on, you know I played it :) but yes the game was fun, nothing revolutionary, but fun.

PaladinXII2265d ago

I didn't mean to imply skepticism, just that you played it through start to finish in one sitting. :)