Blast From The Past: G-Police

The guys over at The Gamers Hub have started a new series of retrospective articles that look back on the unheard of or overlooked gems of retro gaming. This is the first article in the series and takes a look at Psygnosis' G-Police.

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ShadyDevil2449d ago

now i feel bad because I have never played Gpolice...

MrDead2449d ago

The draw distance was poor but after a while you didn't notice, I loved this game crazy weapons, brilliant flight mechanics and a good story. This game would go down well even if it was released now, it deserves a third installment.

Blaine2449d ago

I was probably too young to appreciate it. I liked it, but then again kids like almost any games! And I don't look back on it as anything particularly good, but maybe it was better than I remember.

gillri2449d ago

I remeber this!! think I was 13 when I played it

I think there was a sequel too

Oxymoron0282449d ago

Yeah Weapons of Justice. God damn I loved that game. Still got it as well!

Bathyj2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

G Police was great, and it would be even better now that dual analouge sticks are out.

And while were on the subject, wheres my Colony Wars, and Rollcage reboots as well?

MrDead2449d ago

A new Shadow of the Beast would be nice too.

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