Being in "everyone else's business" Naughty Dog's key to quality

From "Uncharted 2 was born out of the "organised chaos" that is Naughty Dog's studio culture, says designer Richard Lemarchand. Nobody leaves "anyone alone".

Staff sticking their nose into other's work "sort of pivotal", and their office layout embraces the ideal. It means "lots of bright minds" nurturing great game ideas."

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Chaostar2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Sounds like they have a brilliant work ethic and it shows in their games.

cogniveritas2454d ago

Nosy Dog?.... Just kidding. But that's the kind of environment I have at work. It makes everyone feel important and doesn't let certain things like a lack of seniority or rank prevent a good criticism from being heard or good idea being implemented.