Dark Souls Is Easy…With infinite Items Glitch

GR - "We’ve all heard stories about how Demon Souls put grown men into hospital and, in an unprecedented wave of confusion, induced several births. It was supposed to be that damn difficult. Its ‘spiritual successor’ Dark Souls is equally as hard."

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Ezio20482267d ago

please pass it on....:(

Mister_G2267d ago

Nope..... don't want to know how to cheat it, want to play it properly :)

Acquiescence2267d ago

Let's face it, so many people who find out about the glitch are going to exploit it; trophy hunters especially. A patch isn't going to make any difference if it's not compulsory to download it.

smithdown2267d ago

From can release a patchg that you have to download if you want to continue playing online though - lots of games do this, you get a message saying that if you don't download and install it you will be signed out of Live/PSN.

So cheaters will only get an unfair advantage in their own games, and therefore they will only be able to ruin the experience for themselves. Muppets.

zerocrossing2267d ago

Pff, don't need no glitches it would ruin the point of the game =)

beavis4play2267d ago

yea - i'm not paying 60 dollars so i can cheat my way through the game. i want a long, and enjoyable experience......and anyways, where is the feeling of accomplishment if you don't beat the game in a fair way?

zerocrossing2267d ago

Exactly. When I finished Demons Souls it actualy felt like I beat the game because it was a challenge.

jessupj2267d ago

Well thats very disappointing.

When I legitimately get the platinum it's not going to mean anything.

Very disappointing indeed

LightofDarkness2267d ago

So you only do things to prove to other people how great you are?

jessupj2266d ago

It's just an extra perk from playing an awesome game.

At the end of it, it would be nice to have a meaningful achievement that I can be proud of.

Ser2267d ago

No thanks. I'll keep playing the game legitimately.

Tanir2267d ago

yeah for real, but sadly online players will cheat anyway.....only good thing is to dupe the items used to invade peoples worlds, otherwise lame

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The story is too old to be commented.