Is this the Quake V logo?

GB : We have found a pretty cool Easter egg in Rage. At first glance, it might not mean much, but when you look closely it resembles the logo of the Quake games.

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PCRockStar2630d ago

Haha I love a good easter egg.

Autodidactdystopia2630d ago

no its a bee stinging a pea. lol. :)

Perjoss2630d ago

I see 2 bears doing a high five

Relientk772630d ago

Hopefully Quake 5 is their next game

NarooN2630d ago

Hopefully it is. Quake 5 is needed, but I'll play RAGE until it comes out. ;D

turgore2630d ago

Isn't doom 4 supposed to come before ?

NarooN2630d ago

Yeah I think so actually. Oh well, Quake 1-3 still exist lol, not like they need to rush it or anything.

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