Crysis PS3 | Xbox 360 – First Ten Minutes

"If you’ve been curious what would the console version of Crysis will look like, we got the first ten minutes video footage of the game." - JPS

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JellyJelly2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

How about posting some daytime footage?

Does anyone know the size of the game?

IronFrogMan2362d ago

4.09GB Like Johnny_Cojones said.

PRHB HYBRiiD2362d ago

lol your name is f**king funny just imagine playing battlefield...yo cojones i need back up!..cojones there is a sniper on that roof!...cojones revive me!' lmao

Autodidactdystopia2362d ago

Man if I had a nickel for all the times I've played that level and had to wait for the daylight to come and been like damn why did i uninstall this now i have to either wait like 30 mins for daylight or put in cheats to get to the middle of the level faster.

looks good :) Though there are lots of missing plants and effects, but to the untrained eye this is crysis.

meetajhu2362d ago

Honestly the game looks bad. And they have added new dialogues i wish they do that for PC too. But still it remains as the beast on PC

Tyre2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

@meetajhu Honestly the game looks great! STFU Blind prejudiced PC elitist, can't u just keep ur poison to urself, everybody sees u guys getting more pathetic by the minute...enjoy RAGE and keep ur comments amongst ur arrogant friends. Let people who've never played Crysis get into it with an open mind. You've enjoyed it for urself? Have u? Other people will get that change too now.

Crazyglues2361d ago

Wow Just started playing and it's pretty nice... Looks really good for a High end PC game brought to Consoles...

I'm enjoying the game.. Like how they tweaked the powers for the controller...

Crytek did an amazing job here...


Shadowaste2362d ago

lotsa pop-in, but looks pretty nice!

Bathyj2362d ago

Its out already. Thats great.

Normally a game get announced and its a out a year later, what was this a few weeks?

Nice work Ubi, and I take it the PS3 version is out Thursday?

Number_132362d ago

Ubi? Try EA games or Crytek

Bathyj2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Sorry, brainmelt.

I was just playing Assassins Creed.

Is this getting a retail release or download only?

IronFrogMan2362d ago

As far as I know download only.

palaeomerus2362d ago

My theory is that if it is successful then EA'll release Warhead, and then shortly after, a 3 disc "Crysis Saga" collection with all three games including Crysis 2 on disc will come out.

Tyre2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Haven't seen it on XBL yet! Were is it? Not on PSN either I'm waiting!

IronFrogMan2362d ago

Same here I keep refreshing all my stuff hoping it pops up :o

Jack-DangerousIy2362d ago

Going to have to go buy me a PSN card thingamajig.

I've been pumped for this release the whole two weeks that I've known about it!!


Bathyj2362d ago

I know right?

Its really nice to just hear about a game, and boom, its out.

And the original Crysis no less.

vickers5002361d ago

Yeah, it's a nice feeling all right.

Much nicer than hearing about the announcement and some gameplay footage of your favorite franchise getting a sequel, and then having to wait years until it comes out (for me, it's Bioshock Infinite).

I was pretty surprised when they said "october 2011".

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